Tattoo Nightmares: Major Phoenix Fail

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When she looks at her tattoo she sees a gorgeous phoenix, when everyone else looks at it they see a firecrotch. Tune in to Tattoo Nightmares airing Tuesdays at 11/10c on SPIKE.

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  1. Elber Galarga says

    Lucha lucha … 5bucks she a freak

  2. matiasmorland says


  3. TheNeoEnigma says

    Why does she look do familiar??

  4. Pamela White says

    HOLY SHIT for all you Lucha underground fans I guess you could say ivelesse has fenix on her crotch

  5. Penguin Love says

    I'm sorry but she obviously doesn't know when you have a c-section they numb you

  6. OrbitGizmo says

    Was it really necessary for the random people pretending to be in her situation? I mean come on, just tell the story and help her fix the tattoo. Nobody wants to see a reenactment of what happened.

  7. Wait, Is Ivelisse?!

  8. Zakashii G says

    That's funny af

  9. Israel Moreno says

    She has good sense of humor

  10. DragonX5536 says

    i'm super confused now…

  11. Robert says

    fixed they are all crap

  12. Brittney Stone says

    That's.ivealisse from lucha underground and she is the baddest bitch in the building and one of the hottest. And she is not a skank she's a really nice girl.

  13. irene i says


  14. BeamOnThaSemi says

    Whats that chicks name ? The chick that was in the memory

  15. Viridiana Martinez says


  16. Savage1776 says

    She went from FireCrotch to a Rosebush!!

  17. Malachi Sowards says

    I'd rather people not assume because someone has "crap" that they aren't beautiful. Which is what you just said. I am NOT at ALL someone who spews they bullshit "everyone is beautiful" they aren't. but tattoos don't make someone ugly. Being an idiot does. So I tip my hat to you

  18. Jacob Graham says

    She had a tattoo of a phoenix with flames and it was on her crotch dumbass

  19. boyceavenuexfactor says

    Whats a firecrotch

  20. David Bottom says

    Yes and I believe she is involved in the One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown PPV.

  21. Stephanie Nicholas says

    Yeah…she took on Lei'D Tapa

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