PJ's STI Crotch Tattoo Is Seriously HARSH | Just Tattoo Of Us

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This has to be the worst tattoo we’ve had so far. Will this friendship last much longer?

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  1. One_strangecat says

    I feel like a massive dick head
    Me : that’s cause you are one

  2. David Lewis says

    This is a horrible program in all respects

  3. A D says

    Should've tattooed some tea and crumpets mate

  4. Urs Osterwald says


  5. Silver Sweet says

    WTF kind of a show is this?

  6. David Rheinhardt says

    Just transfer

  7. Kitten Lyric says

    dude, that was not a fine line…wtf

  8. Kitten Lyric says

    There should be limits to what they can tattoo….I don't understand being mean….even if it was someone I didn't like, I would still tattoo something that they could wear for the rest of their life. Not poo and something showing off their fears or insecurities.

  9. witters85 says

    Fucking state of this SHIT. WTF happened to mtv??

  10. SamJayy says

    Worst friend I have ever seen. What a fucking bellend. He doesn't even care. Piece of shit.

  11. Kane Smith says

    What a cunt hahahahah he’s jealous

  12. Miranda Clarke says

    Those particular tattoos look extremely fake.

  13. RideTheLightning says

    This is either staged or the tattoo artist has no morals. I use tattoo artist loosely. Also, HPV isn't an STD.

  14. The Ginger Power Ranger says

    The tats are fake

  15. mark kevorkian says

    Wow that little chubby kid has a total man crush on that dude. He acts like his girlfriend

  16. mark kevorkian says

    I cant stand to see him upset, yet o host a show where people tattoo the worst possible things on others.fuck you

  17. Ashley says

    How could you do that man

  18. Sky_stider223 says

    Lol idiots

  19. Buffalowildking 25 says

    I mean they signed up for it

  20. Pinhead Larry says

    If this was America we laughs in British they cry and cry hahah

  21. Pinhead Larry says

    It’s so annoying how British people talk talk normal

  22. Miksecan says

    Can anyone point me in the direction of this full episode please? Thanks. I can’t find it anywhere

  23. Wiesiek Bland says

    Literally couldn't give the smallest shit in the world about these bellends. Don't go on the show. Don't have the tattoos #pricks

  24. Saturn S says

    Looks like yellow paint at the top of his underwear

  25. ImPoopnRightNow says

    lol @ people thinking this shit is real.

  26. Alec Dukas says

    Just got a PewDiePie add, brilliant

  27. Moritz Blue says

    I’m confused. They’ve seen the show, haven’t they? They know this sort of shit is going to happen..

  28. king shah says

    fuckin hell is he gay or something

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