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The worst tattoos ever….
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  1. Maria says

    6:08 that's got no jams

  2. Ur Mum Gæ says

    Bad Tattoos aren’t the end of the world but soggy McDonalds straws are Will.

  3. Jess is a Mess says

    my dad is a tattoo artist, this made me cringeeee

    at least I have someone to do my GOOD tattoos

  4. Crazy Modder says

    the word you were looking for is tattoo gun

  5. Senda Pewds To The Ranch says

    Your head is even more square than Matt Smith's

  6. FadedLowkii says

    2:38 memeulous confirmed

  7. FadedLowkii says

    I thought the thumbnail said whitley bay swag

  8. Ralsei Dreemurr says

    i kept thinking he was saying title instead of tatoo

  9. Øãk The Tiger says

    The witch has no legs…

  10. Lil C says

    I Subscribed

  11. Bethany yeah says


  12. Lenny Summers says

    5:46 he says tuberculosis

  13. Maxalicious O'Brien says

    Hey I mean it's not the end of the world

  14. Katoe Hunter says

    6:19 anyone thought of bts?

  15. Jules says

    "american football goal"

    I'm dead

  16. Lainee Cera Scott says

    That last one wasnt a bad idea it was bad execution which I'm sure you understand on a look back.

  17. Ali AFanboi69 123 says


  18. weaselmaster98 says

    the worst tattoo i've ever seen will always be the one someone got of pinocchio's face right on his crotch so his dick was the nose. and it was horribly done too but you were still able to tell that it was pinocchio.

    Edit – found the image. Don't worry it's SFW https://www.teamjimmyjoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Pinochio.jpg

  19. Tremzzy says

    Is it not the end of the world

  20. Rabbit the One says


  21. Amber Salvatore says

    most of these were just good idea poorly executed

  22. Lmao Meg says


  23. Wazza Beanz says

    He has the perfect ja-

  24. Jacob Douch says

    your cushion gives me ocd

  25. girl what says

    okay but am i the only one that doesnt think most of these arent even too bad? some of them are rlly pretty ngl

  26. VAZ says


  27. Just Another Youtube Channel says

    Being fair, she was bung eyed on the original.

  28. Curtis Pool says

    I feel so bad because my teacher asked what a rectangle looks like and I replied "u" and I showed her your yt chanel on her computer now she subscribed

  29. lea slazak says

    RiGhT yOu LoT

  30. Ellie-Rose says

    Take a shot every time Will says
    -it’s not the end of the world

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