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I’m getting my eyebrows tattooed for the first time! Microblading before and after. | Subscribe:
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Hi everyone! My name is Eden, like the garden! WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!! I live a pretty crazy life and I post all kinds of vlogs and videos on beauty, fashion, transgender topics, my boyfriend, and more! All I hope to do is to inspire or help you to be YOURSELF! I’d like for you to see me as a friend, and if you can learn anything from me then this was all worth it.

  1. Aubrey says

    People are dumb lol someones skill level in their profession doesnt relate to their own personal preferences on their own body. Just because you dont like the brow artists eyebrows, doesnt mean she doesnt like them. And it doesnt mean she isnt good at what she was trained to do and has been doing on countless clients for God knows how long lol.
    I'm not talking about people pointing out actual flaws in her work because that could very much be true. but just because you might care about how people see your brows doesnt mean she cares about how other people see her brows lol. People live in this vanity bubble so much that it actually just blows their mind to think theres a woman out there that could give 2 fucks about what anyone thinks about her brows. Lol

  2. Jay says

    You sound like Kermit the frog inhaled helium

  3. Marili Horn says

    all sorts of wrong here. The pigment is sterile but she is touching your hair and working on an open wound. . .

  4. IHugShortPeople says

    Does anyone else think she looks a little like Daenerys without makeup?

  5. Lindsay Anne says

    I got mine done but the way they fade and look after just isn't natural, it looks like a tattoo. After a few times it was just so much money. I ended up getting hair transplants in my eyebrows. So worth it, real hair, permanent, looks amazing. You should look into it!!!

  6. Sandra Dee says

    Love love the results

  7. Pearl chiappine says

    Just had mine done 2nd session no pain at all came out fantastic!!!!

  8. Bété You says

    Eyebrows weird girl!!!

  9. Kaylee Falin says

    You're so gorgeous

  10. Gregg Johnson says

    Eww. Trash!

  11. feriswhoibe says

    i cringe

  12. Asher Reid says

    She fucked up your brows, girl

  13. Tammy James says

    Um…hell no. I'm super glad I watched this.

  14. Joshua Toms says

    Cool they look very nice

  15. Spanish Doll says

    You’re so extra, I love it. I could not wear that to lay down and get my face tatted for that long lol

  16. jame says

    the fact that u guys were listening to lana the entire time is such a mood

  17. TheDOTKU says

    I always assumed they used a regular tattoo gun. Wow.

  18. Wendy Scullion says

    Loved your video your so pretty to x

  19. Mara R says

    why it has already faded after a month? They did not do you good job

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