She Didn’t Realise Who She Was in Bed With Until the Morning! | Tattoo Fixers

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Donna comes to the Tattoo Fixers to have a tattoo covered that reminds her of a tipsy night out, and the unexpected revelation in the morning!

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  1. E4 says

    What was your childhood nickname??
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  2. Banana Mana says

    The owl was eeewww

  3. TJ Sub says

    Oh god what a tramp

  4. Molly Hayes says

    Alice trying to get with Chris for half the video

  5. CyanFlake says

    Man the womans tattoo designs are shit! can she get fucking fired? she
    designs stuff for 5 year olds, NO ONE EVER PICKS THEM!

  6. Sophie X. says

    Why is there always an African American woman sitting beside the customers?

  7. Ayo Wayo says

    "owls… I like giraffes" omg me

  8. Critter Arm says

    That last….. Woman? needs subs.

  9. John Doe says

    The fact that troglodytes like this can vote is why civilization is doomed…

  10. niels van blitterswijk says

    She is so annoying

  11. Jasmine Hodge says

    bloody heck

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