Stigma-Rotary® Spear Tattoo Machine Review, Setup and Unboxing

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Rating: 4.75 – View Time: 2:46 Minutes

We unbox, set-up and review the Stigma-Rotary® Spear tattoo machine and talk you through its features.

The Stigma-Rotary® Spear is a pen-style tattoo machine like the Stylist, but it is completely adjustable on the fly – meaning it offers both adjustable stroke length AND give.

As with the Stylist, the Stigma® Spear can run all brands of cartridges, whether you are using Stigma®’s advanced cartridges or convention cartridges like Cheyenne or Killer Ink Stellar.

Soundtrack: DJ Quads – Flirt

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  1. claudio saldivia says

    It's a copy of Spectra Zion….by FK i

  2. jp trout says

    Can you tell me what size o rings the stigma 4.5 watt motorplug has?

  3. jolene sherrard says

    I need a smaller grip for it is the cosmetic make up one able to fit on this one? I have tiny hands

  4. jolene sherrard says

    What is optimal running at?

  5. jolene sherrard says

    So no autoclaveable grip??

  6. Matt Doherty says

    Mine broke after 2 small tattoos. As a matter of fact I’ve only had 3 machines break over the years and all have been stigmas. I had two of them repaired that broke again shortly after repair. The only reason I gave them another chance was because this machine looked awesome. I guess looks can be deceiving.

  7. Radek Foltyn says

    Hello, can You tell me if is Stigma spear better liner then Cheyenne Thunder? I own Thunder and I thinking about buying second rotary machine which I will use especialy as liner

  8. RJ White says

    It absolutely sucks that I can't buy this machine in Canada!!

  9. sophie g says

    Hello guys, can anyone who knows tell me if this machine works fine as a liner and shader too??

  10. Frank Nelson says

    But no long stroke?

  11. udorota says

    Could someone tell me what cables I use for this machine?

  12. wayne424 says

    I can't find this pen anywhere!

  13. Nece ZeroTrei says

    hei. stygma!!! where are you?

  14. Lee Tompkins says

    DO NOT ADJUST WHILE THE MACHINE IS PLUGGED IN. if you do make sure you allow the cord to twist up with the dial. The RCA connection is housed in the plastic RCA give dial. So if you open the give and don't allow the cord to twist up with it your tightening the RCA and the housing will crack from the overtightening. Also if you close the give your cord is then putting a loosening pressure on the Nipple so I know this because after doing only about 6 small pieces a total of about 8hrs the RCA plug pulled completely out of the machine. Mad Max had a kid on his first reviww that said it happened to him now there's 5 of us in 1 comment section of 1 vides and what now I have to pay shipping after spending $700. What every month am I gonna have to mail it back? Obviously it will happen again unless they change something. They will most likely also charge for one thing or another even though is brand new. Completely disgusted

  15. Skyy Xiong says

    How much it weigh?

  16. Rick Random says

    All pen machines should have anti roll design.

  17. Rick Random says

    All pen machines should have anti roll design.

  18. Mitch Fourtwenty says

    Die Maschine ist der Hammer ….super nice……klare Empfelung!!!!

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