Tattoo Nightmares HoneyMoon

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dale comes in from the bay area of northern california to cover up his tattoo nightmare that he got on his honeymoon.I take the old tiki alien baby design and transform it into a day of the dead girl!Enjoy seeing into a day at the shop.

  1. Rita Rod says


  2. Janet Williams says

    Hey Big Gus. I'm a big fan. I was wondering tho…have you lost some weight or something? You looker thinner in the face and neck.

  3. Lord Infamous says

    That mirror is dope!

  4. Tenticle Ass says

    5:06 immortal technique dancing with the devil

  5. Jessica Thompson says

    Very beautiful shop! 🙂

  6. Sue Schultz says

    This is awesome. I wish I had you do my cover up. Also you're looking pretty hot Gus. Can't wait till the show comes back on. It's one of my favorites

  7. Diana Schofield says

    Merry Christmas Big Gus, I almost didn't recognize you, you are smaller, but your personality will always be big

  8. joe reece says

    dam, they need new shows on tv  watching reruns

  9. Richard Rodriguez says

    Hey, Big Gus

    What's good my boi I wanted to get a email address from you but if you could shoot me a address to your shop I'm ready for work I have a cover up of course on my arm and it's time to cover that shit I'm tired of looks and comments I get please hook me up.

  10. Deborah Burns says

    Omg, the original tattoo looked like a fucked up tribal version of Mojo Jojo from the PowerPuff Girls. The cover up is fucking awesome!!!

  11. TATMONEY says

    very dope GUS!!!

  12. JXENVYX says

    This was so awesome Gus I can’t believe you free handed that masterpiece your talent is freaking insane!!!. I’m rocking one of your pieces and can’t wait to get more hopefully you make more of these episodes I miss watching tattoo nightmares.

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