Tattoo Nightmares: When An ‘Ink Master’ Goes Wrong

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Tommy tries to fix a tattoo that a customer received during Season 2 of Ink Master. Host Dave Navarro arranged for Tommy to fix the tattoo because it was so bad. Tune into Tattoo Nightmares Tuesdays at 11/10c only on Spike.

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  1. Poleth Pena says


  2. Poleth Pena says


  3. Eduardo Villena says

    Isn’t he the guy who invented the Homies?

  4. Basement Dweller Cosplay says

    He sounds like he has two packs a day

  5. Jessie Arturo Thunder says

    Dave Navarro hides all of his tattoos on this show because they're terrible

  6. Officer Oinker says

    Rip off Joey Diaz

  7. Jazer says

    Tommy was the best in that season.

  8. I_bombhills says

    Ain’t he that guy that was on vice that made the homie toys

  9. Andrew Lee says

    The tattoo he had before is perfect for him. Old guy even has the voice. Why would he want to cover it up?lol

  10. Nope No says

    Not an ink master

  11. Mike Sthart says

    If you close your eyes he sounds is it like Joey Diaz. It's scary

  12. Cliff Z says

    This guy needs a treadmill and some dental floss…. not another tattoo

  13. Saimeren says

    What did they cover it up with? I want to see the new tattoo!

  14. be fokkinhappy says


  15. morris west says

    The question is: why does a 50 yr old man get a dominatrix tatoo?

  16. Idotattoos CA says

    the guy from vice

  17. ʎddᴉlɟ says

    This is the guy who came up with "Homies"…

  18. shinninsword says

    sounds like joe Diaz lol

  19. Everfree Brumby says

    That voice. Does this guy eat cigarettes?

  20. Tyler Williams says

    Sugar daddy

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