She Gave Birth Without Knowing She Was PREGNANT?! | Tattoo Fixers: Most Shocking

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The Tattoo Fixers are shocked by an incredible story of a woman who gave birth without knowing she was pregnant!
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  1. E4 says

    Would you ever get a tattoo?
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  2. Truth says

    Bruv lose some weight

  3. Jamie W says

    ..and that's why morbid obesity isn't as fantastic as SJW's would have people believe.

  4. peen says

    please stop screaming my ptsd is coming out

  5. Ryan Flavell says

    I ain't going to say no offense 'cos people who are dumb enough to assume that I'm commenting that way regardless are either idiots or simple minded college freaks that know fuckall other than mommy and daddy's bank account and will take offense either way.but to put it simply… why does that bush rat haired black chick have a job on here? actually why does she have a job full stop?she doesn't tattoo anyone.she doesn't design tattoos.she has no artistic influence whatsoever,yet makes money via the tax payers and TV licence holders for doing absolutely nothing! and people wonder why the country is in such a fucking mess…..

  6. 1066Rider says


  7. Artemis says

    The guy with the shaggy hair is REALLY cute.

  8. Not J says

    This is a clue that you need to lose some weight. Jesus.
    Edit: Sorry.

    A LOT of weight.

  9. Ollie Levine says

    1:16 WTF Intensifies

  10. Chris Buss says

    Those reactions were fucking terrible

  11. Diamond Entertainment says

    Why don’t y’all ever post something skins material like I miss skins. Please don’t let everyone forget about that great show!! ;(((

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