Dad Needs to Remove VERY X-Rated Tattoo for Daughter! | Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

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Corey and Mike come to the Tattoo Fixers to cover up their unwanted tattoos: one being a little too graphic, and another being a little too revealing…

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  1. E4 says

    Do you have any unusual tattoos??
    Watch the full episode here ->

  2. Narelle Waite says

    Pretty sure he's not right when he says "sketches are more traditional and old school"… and also… which traditional?

  3. jake maddock says

    Bring back jay and Glenn x

  4. Jamie W says

    Just say you love Victoria Wood

  5. Andrew Jersey says

    Is Benadryl Dunderclub moonlighting?

  6. Ru Raynor says

    His fucking awful haircut would put me off long before the tattoo.

    Honestly I thought he was going to have a graphic tattoo saying GRANNY BANGER with an illustration!

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