Best tattoos in the world HD 2017 [ Part 19 ] – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas

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Best tattoos in the world HD 2017 [ Part 19 ] – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas
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  1. Raju Dalai says


  2. Lil Ramen Noodles says

    6:14 how to ruin your body 101

  3. Marťa R says

    Music 9:50?

  4. SkyGamër XD says


  5. BEEFY BOI says

    10:19 is my dream tatoo

  6. BEEFY BOI says

    Do yourself a favor and mute the music and just enjoy the tats

  7. Gothamknight says

    0:30 omg <3

  8. Amanda Lúcia says

    Pra mim Faser uma dessa cara vouter que trabalha bastante da hora suas tatoo meus parabéns tenhe gente que nace com dom e vc naceu parabéns choww

  9. Amanda Lúcia says

    Top ficou o Bixo cara. Quanto custou cara essa tatoo da Costa feixada

  10. Luka Vojinovic says

    I want to get a 3 triangle tattoo when I'm 18, on my left arm.Kinda scared but i risks must be taken

  11. TBA -Tattoo Body Art says

    like da tattoo

  12. Noelblanca Escalante says

    do you any idea howmuch the coz?

  13. Monica Cheron says

    Porra tudo massa !!

  14. osmios ASP says

    10 : 42 great ..

  15. osmios ASP says

    Que bellos y hermosos tatuajes .

  16. osmios ASP says

    El fondo musical es una desgracia .

  17. Aaa Aa says

    حلو حلو حلو كتير شي ع الاول

  18. nicole salaver says

    san po kau nag ta2too

  19. GrabItSqueez says

    thumb down for music

  20. The terminator one look's awesome

  21. สุดจัดปลัดโทรมาบอก ขนาดปลัดโดนตบยังบอกว่าสุดสัสๆ

  22. Lucas Lima says

    Quais os nomes das músicas?

  23. Macky Style says

    That terminator tattoo is the best of them

  24. Maricarmen Fernandez says


  25. Dean Tucker says


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