19 Epic Chinese Tattoo Fails

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Don’t tattoo chinese characters on yourself unless you are absolutely sure of what they mean, and that they are written correctly.

  1. Kyle Brown says

    I want to see Chinese people with misspelled English words.

  2. And We're Back says

    Getting food names is smart. You can always order food

  3. Kiah Simmons says

    I got a Chinese character tattoo on my back with butterflies around it. Its was suppose to say "Good Fortune". But like a lot of Americans that get tattoos of another language tattoos, I trusted the tattoo artist's portfolio of Chinese characters. It wasn't until I was older and wanted to learn Chinese, that a noticed that the second symbol/part was completely wrong. I dont even know what it truly says right now. Lol I'm looking to try to cover it up with something else. Won't be making that mistake again.

  4. Atelier Kunstkreis says

    I got my first tattoo with 34 (I am now 36). When I was sixteen in 1998 I wanted a chinese symbol as a tattoo, gladly I didn't do that. I would never get any language written on me that I didn't speak fluently and could write… Best wishes from Switzerland yours truly Katrin ♥

  5. erica m says

    How do you write "I will not forgive"?

  6. ClandestineOstrich says

    Don't get a Chinese tattoo because then everyone will ask you what it means and what seemed cool 5 years ago will get really annoying.

  7. Valeria Co says

    Ahhh I miss them :(( together in this channel

  8. Coleen Parsons says

    bai se de ren

  9. Kevin Cordoviz says

    Who came here from seeing Ariana Grande's hand tatoo fail? haha.

  10. KingDom's Kingdom says

    White left…. Thats what they should put on all thesr dumbies

  11. Leah Diva says

    Regarding the tattoo at 7:29…."88" is a tattoo that supremacists get. It's code for "Heil Hitler" I can't say if that was this guy's intent, maybe he means something else.

  12. Mike Rophone says

    11:00 is what I do with my fingers when I am describing fish I have recently caught

  13. IndieHaj says

    "Hand flow" could be for martial arts.

  14. FedoraDog13 says

    Is it just me, or does the guy on the right look a lot like Jackie Chan? Especially fro the side?

  15. Kick0a0cat says

    88 is not a random number. It is Neo Nazi code. The 8th letter of the alphabet is H, so it stands for HH which stands for "Heil Hitler".
    Now, why a Nazi would get a Chinese tattoo is beyond me, but they aren't famous for being smart.

  16. mark jevons says

    Do Chinese get random English words tattoos? Ps my friend got "I love big p@#is" on the top of his shoulders/neck!!! Was ment to say "have" not love!! Only found out after 11 years as was working in security and a businessman pointed it out. They were here for two weeks and sniggered every time he drove them somewhere!

  17. Aaron Gerow says

    Please check if penny from the Big Bang theory really has “soup” tattooed on her left buttock

  18. XAutumnXFlowerX says

    Also I have 2 tattoos covering scars that have bad memories one is a red spider lily to mean never look back (how I interpret it) and the other is a morning glory representing to keep my promises. I tried to use hanakotoba but I will never get words of any language on me.

  19. XAutumnXFlowerX says

    3:10 I saw a video like this but for Japanese characters and that one was on the video which he said it said gaijin which is foreigner or outsider

  20. mo2k2 says

    Ayy jacky!!

  21. MrRedsjack says

    The Lao wai one is actually Japanese.

  22. William Carlson says

    I am so getting "old dangerous dad" lol

  23. BLANCK says

    7:8 maybe he is very loyal to his noodle

  24. 0Funker0 says

    Maybe the drowning in weed one was taken in a mirror

  25. tomroberts101 says

    @9:44 – ever heard of someone taking a selfie in a mirror?

  26. Andrea Deagon says

    I’m a Latin teacher and have saved a few people from hilarious mistakes.

  27. Brant Barker says

    Great point. No tattoos of false Chinese symbol.

  28. Clyde Cavalieri says

    Hand flow means "Do the hand jive".

  29. The Kirby T says

    If the guy at 2:33 is a mortician or an undertaker, then the tattoo makes perfect sense.

  30. Marie Ranney says

    Who doesn't like noodles?

  31. Chris Abraham says

    Has everyone told you you look like a young handsome Jackie Chan?

  32. Manuel Horvath says

    If the 88 is not his lucky number or anything it probably is a nazi tattoo. Many nazis get 88 tattooed for the letter H.

  33. Julie Jay says

    Awesome video. Many thanks.

  34. Sheriff HD says

    Nice video. its the background that got me as it looked familiar. Bodium castle 😀

  35. thatjokerperson says

    i wonder if the speak dragon love was meant to say dragons speak love

  36. Lennart Regebro says

    You gotta do this one! http://beckmansbruk.blogg.se/2010/january/7-e-januari-1.html
    It's supposed to say "Ride Hard Die Free"

  37. 666mrmomo says

    the '88' is a handle for white supremacists, meaning the 8th letter of the alphabet 'H' –> 'HH –> 'Heil Hitler', which makes it all the more confusing he/she would tattoo chinese characters around it …

  38. Lupa says

    My friend said I should get "Demon Wolf" On my arm, still deciding.

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