Woman With Alopecia Gets Stunning Tattoo To Commemorate Her Struggle | Tattoo Fixers

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Kayleigh has suffered with alopecia from a young age, so she asks the Tattoo Fixers to give her a beautiful tattoo to commemorate her struggle and strength.
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  1. Yo Momma says

    Kinda disappointed tbh. I expected her to get a head tattoo.

  2. Nicholina Plange says

    She should totally shave everything off. Bald can be really hot and sexy. I’m sure she’d rock the bald head she’s got a beautiful face!!

  3. Scarlett Oneill says

    I knew she was based in Newcastle before she even said

  4. Beth - says

    She is stunning. ❤️xxx

  5. sxmmer is homeless says

    She should go out bald more. She would rock it.

  6. Jon Cook says

    I have lumbago

  7. minxii mayhem says

    Omg this woman is so gorgeous I would kill to have such beauty and im talking about without her wig

  8. Kat Brax says

    She chose the right bird to represent her beauty,grace and courage. And it's also my favorite bird. God bless you dear.

  9. Susan Frometa says

    To my eyes bald is beautiful

  10. Molly Kendall says

    Me too I am from coundederum

  11. lazor raven says

    Still don’t understand why she gets a free tattoo just for a having a condition

  12. Mollz Gladwin says

    My best friends friend has aloepecia and just seeing the pain my best friend was feeling for Izzi makes me feel just a tiny slither of the sadness and pain Izzi must be feeling. You are so strong and beautiful, so U rock whatever style u wanna rock. Make this negative into a positive xxx

  13. MSG685 says

    Apparently the carpet matches the drapes.

  14. seventeen wishes says

    Omg I love her eyes

  15. Brionny Fr says

    yesssssss gorrrrllllll
    embrace itttt

  16. frostel101xx says

    What a beautiful strong young women!

  17. Liam Dickson says

    I know she wears a wig but id just shave it totally off instead of having tufts here and there

  18. JackLambo_ YT says

    Who can dislike this

  19. bekahme95 says

    What is the name of the artist?

  20. J Mclear says

    My friend got stress induced alopecia and ended up with so much hair falling out. I remember not seeing her for 3 years and I saw her a while back for my birthday, she's grown so much in confidence and her hair is on ok condition currently and I couldn't be more proud of her

  21. Caoimhe Moore says

    my mam is suffering from cancer and her hair is gone she is currently bald and to fight the battle u need to stay strong and that's what she is and all I can wish for people is that they stay strong

  22. JC_wolf 64 says


  23. Georgie B says

    I have alopecia.

  24. Eleanor Smith says

    I wish her all the best in life. My mum has alopecia. She's lived with it since she was a teen. Now she's 40 and still has it. We help each other. I donate my hair in honour of her and for people like this beautiful woman here. Let's hope that alopecia will be cured one day!! ❤

  25. jack carr says

    i got stress enduced shingles at year 6 sats

  26. Ryan _ says

    When she said she was from County Durham I was like "Ayyyy same!"

  27. SnoozeCG says

    She's pretty

  28. Ryan Ross says

    so brave lots of love xx

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