Microblading GONE WRONG

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Hey Lovelies!

I know I sound super downer in this video but hopefully this has given you more of a reason to research and understand some of the challenges with microblading as well as other crucial information such as cost, pain, length of procedure, what to expect etc.

DISCLAIMER!: I am not in anyway trying discourage microblading or the professionals that do it this is just my story and what happened to me! I have seen many beautifully microbladed brows out there but unfortunately mine were not included in that.

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  1. Ashley Morales says

    I’m currently having the same issue but i don’t mind the shape. They look natural but not defined. I am getting the touch up but if i go out i will just fill them in. Sucks to spend so much and not get desired results but i feel you!

  2. Diesel Trax says

    A little too dark?

  3. Mj S says

    Girl, it’s in a house, no numbing cream, it was under 400$ no surprise it didn’t turn out well

  4. Marina Scott says

    Clients with dry skin are the best candidate for microblading.
    It doesn't mean that people with oily or combination skin can't do microblading or microfeathering.
    There is a special microblading techniques combine with a high quality pigment/ink used for even the most oily skin in order to get those nice, crispy strokes and mimic natural brow hair flow.
    This techniques is called 3D browfeathering. With proper after care, the color retention is more than satisfactorily. To avoid the orange, blue or green brows, look for Artist who use the organic pigments which doesn't contain iron oxides.
    Only highly trained and experienced Microblading Artist will know what to do and implement right techniques, to achieve the top results. Before you considering microblading do your research and read other people reviews – this is your FACE!

  5. Susie Smith says

    Please… obviously didn't do proper after care and should have paid more if you expected a perfect outcome also… How much did you get paid for your wunderbrow endorsement?

  6. Shikira Nicholls says


    Literally make myself cringe so hard in this video sorry not helpful! Follow the link for a more informative video!

  7. Chanel L. says

    I been wanting mine done. Thank you for sharing your story! I appreciate it! Thank you! I’m not gonna get mine done!

  8. Kerrie M says

    Have you got pics after that first month ?

  9. Kerrie M says

    A bit silly

  10. Dani G says

    Do you guys all know if we tip the people who do the microblading and if so, is it 20%? Because that’s like an $80 tip making it be $480 instead of $400. Is that what I should tip???

  11. cindy atallah says

    You're overreacting girl byee

  12. Rachna888 says

    No numbing cream? should have walked then

  13. Littleladylulu Lulu says

    Your vanity looks gorgeous.
    Ive been trained in micro blading but there so many people who are shady. Not to mention the ink they use is sketchy its like ebay kits… and the ingredients can make u itch untill your body devolves it and it can take years

  14. shannon loomis says

    I thought the whole point of microblading was for a "natural" more "thick" brow????

  15. Miss Mel says

    What’s her contact details I want eyebrows like that

  16. Samantha Comerford says

    Might be a good idea to remove your make up and brow gel, so we can see what you’re talking about.

  17. Anna Lisa says

    Yes. Tell the artist if you have oily skin. Read texts and words about microblading as WELL as watching many hours of videos and YouTube. Watch training courses by 3 D Brows and also Phi Brows so you know what excellent training entails. Know what it takes to get a certified education in microblading. Ask to see your artists certification. It should be proudly displayed in a frame on her wall. No one gets a good education in two days or in less than one week. They need to practice on live models for weeks and weeks before their trainers approve their skills. It costs a GOOD artist more than $2000 to get trained in only the basics !

  18. Ice Eyes says

    the lips are much more creepy than the eyebrows

  19. Christina says

    I think they looked fine. If I may be completely honest?? In my opinion, they were a better look for you than the ones in your video.. no offense at all, just my opinion. You’re pretty either way!!!

  20. Michelle S. says

    I think they’re too arch, way too high

  21. The Magick Schook Bus Driver says

    Did you shower and put makeup or cream on the face?

  22. Adri San says

    Your eyebrows look so beautiful. I got ombré and I truly hate them 🙁

  23. tree tea says

    One more question what happens to your real eye brows

  24. tree tea says

    Not trying to hurt your feelings or be a bitch or anything but why is every one going for the nike sign? Instead of it looking natural

  25. Cassandra Farquhar says

    Girl find an artist who uses permanent pigments! That's what I use and it has changed my game..

  26. Kerry B says

    I'm 52 and STILL have an oily T zone. Glad you made this video. I have been thinking of having this done. I'm seeing so many people regretting it though.

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