What's Your Craziest Client Story? | Tattoo Artists Answer

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25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.

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  1. Zokora von Yensloh says

    america is freaking wild…. I'm from germany it's illegal to tattoo someone who is drunk here. You are not allowed to dink alkohol the night before getting tattooed

  2. Sasha Dale says

    I wish someone would try to take my head i would haunt them so hard

  3. A Wolff says

    No 1 knew she was schizophrenic. ..

  4. Sean Bogen says

    I can’t understand what any of these people are saying

  5. Robert Burt says

    Top 25 artists? Who the hell decided that?

  6. Kimberly Kaufhold says

    What's up with that annoying piano music background tract? So distracting.

  7. RogueSignal says

    I am genuinely disturbed by the last guy and his “fans”

  8. joker Darker says


  9. Piper Thomas says

    What’s in the box?!???

  10. Tim Reeves says

    The blonde around 8:50… I was like and they were like… like… like… like… You’re an idiot. You speak like you have zero education. I’m sick of the “like” epidemic.

  11. Marcus Altamirano says

    Nikki simpson is so fuckin annoying

  12. ZAKK THE MANIAC says

    Alot of these tattoo artist names are awesome as shit!. but u can see Alisha gory's Nipps lol Hot But i like Booth the most. Would love to get a narly tattoo from em.

  13. Snow White Owl 006 says

    Idk why guys think it’s a good idea to tattoo their genitals? I’d never date or marry a guy who has a penis or asshole tattoo of any sort. I will disown the guy if he has one. I admire these artists for not only their talent, but the crap they go through with their clients. The fact they have these stories to tell proves they love their profession.

  14. Raseon Hansen says

    The girls story at 5:50 was really confusing. Anyone understand it and can clarfiy?

  15. lloyd watkinson says

    Jesus, the one in all black talking about Inkmaster needs to stop shoving shit in her lips, her upper lip has lost all definition

  16. Gizmo ! says

    i like how he had the kids take the head back because it was useless to him and not because it was incredibly disrespectful to the deceased and their family what the actual fuck

  17. MC_ GAMER says

    11:31 this dude sounds like Nick merks

  18. cleo diwhore says

    the guy wearing the “cat videos and chill” tank top really resembles lil wayne a little.

    just me?

    oh ok

  19. Freja greulich says

    hands my client a ball gag "ready?"

  20. 133 80 says

    Marky chavez face tats leaking into his mouth

  21. Juan M. Leon says

    Tatu baby is so hot.

  22. M says

    How would a butthole tattoo heal? How is that a good idea!?!

  23. Bloop!! Blop!!! says

    Can we just take a minute to admire Ryan Ashley’s jawline!!!

  24. GhostWeirdo says

    My mom is a tattoo artist. She said that she remembered this younger girl come in, about 21-22 years old, has a pride flag on her shoulder, and there is a couple tattoos on her neck also. She comes in, my mom talks with her, and it turns out that she was wanting a tattoo on her back, a rose, covering a scar from the bottom of her neck, going almost all of the way down to her butt. Really nice girl, short hair, and looked really pretty. My mom gets to talking with her, and finds out that the scar is from a scoliosis surgery that she had. She was 13, when she got that surgery. She also asked my mom for number of petals to be the age when she got the surgery. I got to see a picture of it, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope that girl is happier now 🙂

  25. Gothgirl 2121 says

    Paul must have the greatest story so far.

  26. Gothgirl 2121 says

    Doing tattoo on the buttocks anus for a guy? I would just b traumatized for life.

  27. Jordan Dowdell says

    I'm genuinely concerned at the fact that they would disrespect someone's corpse like that landslide or not.

  28. GORE illa says

    SARA FABEL!! I love her work

  29. Renée Paquette says

    “You Know, his male member.”


  30. House of farts says

    Dan Schneider the pedo???

  31. Moon Pie says

    I was cutting out cookies to bake during the head story and I felt that I was only appropriate to make them head shaped.

  32. How I killed Dee Snyder, and other stories by a tattoo chick.

  33. Linnea Marie says

    Ok but i was gonna re watch this and NOW it tells me its age restricted??? Sis wth

  34. The Nameless says

    I'm somehow glad to hear 'Taker was a bit freaked out by the whole skull thing- while it is super ironic I feel like it would've impacted my view on him even more if he was fully into it
    Not necessarily in a good way-

  35. Heather h says

    Lmfao i love Paul booth and his storys hes so awesome

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