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  1. Mayne Freeland says

    Song? Anyone?

  2. Meyrambek Assabayev says


  3. Blaze says

    How long did that tattoo take? Does anyone know?

  4. Shyrone Farmer says

    Can you please do a video on your shading techniques

  5. José Cohen says

    Hi. How long did it take to make the tattoo???
    Thank You.

  6. MAXMOREIRA says

    Top men

  7. TrippyTreaz says

    Yo how long did this tattoo take to do?

  8. Surya Perkasa says

    fook maan i want it

  9. Tyler Preece says

    Where are you located @lil B Tattoo id love to make a trip to you

  10. Gabriel Furtado says

    name of the song one ? and name of the song two ?

  11. El_Bartto says

    Every single tattoo I see I just think… 3000 Euro, I don't know why, even if is just a tiny arrow

  12. aji cokrowongso says

    awesome bitch

  13. Cristian David says

    the photo?
    i ll create m self at home,can u leave me that foto tatto u made?

  14. guys can someone tell the first song i love it but i cant remember the name …. :'(

  15. Legend Cinema says

    What is the machine model

  16. Orville Shepherd says

    where can I find this picture of what is the poster called?

  17. edgar gonzalez says

    Congratulations You do a Amazing tattoos….

  18. edgar gonzalez says

    What's up.. how can I rich u? I wanna get a few tattoos on my arm…

  19. Hemant Vora says

    those who don't know what the tat is let me tell you it's an Indian pilgrim tattoo of four lions on each side of it, the spikes in the wheel represent the states of India, besides it there's an elephant and a horse i guess

  20. Rafael Lopes says

    Defining you in a few words … simply a monster in the tattoo.

  21. Michael Stallworth says

    Omg where are you located? I would love for my first tattoo to be by the great hand of you

  22. Nicol Narvaez says

    Anybody know this playlist???

  23. John Porras says

    Mix name please!

  24. Sophia Beth says

    Amazing art work.
    which inks you used in this tattoo?
    and which brands inks do you prefer ?

  25. Jiménez says

    What size do you use for shade, fill and line

  26. Learnthrivecompassion says

    Hey LIl B I saw your video on tattoo lining and found it helpful. Can you please do a video on shading? You seam to have an intuitive way of shading that is similiar to drawing. Would be grateful for this. Thank you and much respect

  27. Justin Sosa says

    How much would a tattoo like that cost lil b?

  28. William Isenberg says

    fuck ink master ol soap opera ass shit!

  29. EJ Bordz says

    How many hour's he done???

  30. Aj Jones says

    Mad respect brother some of the best work I've ever seen. Where is your main shop located?

  31. aeropenna66 says

    Hello as always wonderful tattoo I wanted to ask you what stain for tattoos you used?

  32. Martin says

    toooo good bro, hopefully one day i can get tatted by you. #Legend

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