Jay Gets Epically Pranked By His "Biggest Fan" | Tattoo Fixers

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The tattoo fixers work together with their latest customer to prank Jay!
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  1. Jamie Holman says

    now this is epic

  2. llMiniShellyll says

    im pissing myself laughing

  3. Jon Cook says

    Alice your biggest fan is a shovel

  4. streetway girl says

    Jay is very pretty but Sketch is hot af

  5. IMF LM says

    partner Tattoo – is out….

  6. IMF LM says


  7. Sally Pineapples says

    Is it just me or is jay ugly as fuck

  8. Rem Runa says

    Lol! Jay was shitting himself for sure! He probably thought "is this guy gonna kill me in my sleep and wear my skin as a costume or something??" His face was priceless, so funny x'D

  9. SM says

    I would have asked if you're my biggest fan biggest fan why are you getting that tattoo covered up.

  10. Fahad Summan says

    Jay can fuck my ass without lube

  11. Tom Kenning says

    The biggest prank is calling him one of the best tattoo artists in the UK

  12. eleri white says

    does jay not look like Max Thieriot to y'all?

  13. PrincePalm says

    I saw what he did there, ''he shipped it'' for those who watch anime they understand it do this mean Jay love anime? :O!!

  14. abis life says

    Lovin it

  15. Tuberface says

    i have the sane eye colour like his.

  16. Salem Joynes says

    It's a bit too big

  17. Katie says

    Jay acts so badly :/

  18. Gummy Love says

    Jay was fucking scared

  19. Shady Sav says

    Whats with all the ayia napa bad tattoo decisions.. Im from Ayia Napa man, never hear these stories in cyprus tho

  20. Y e e t says

    Jays EYES

  21. Balinaa B says

    ugly ship tattoo eww

  22. Lea&Vlado says

    For me Sketch is prettier than Jay

  23. Plague Rat says

    The other guy is cuter than Jay

  24. Casey Shorter says

    well jay is hot

  25. Emma Strong Films says

    omp where is this?? like where in britain?

  26. Miss Melanin says

    My mum thinks he's absolutely gorgeous

  27. Lela Apodaca says

    Jay is gorgeous

  28. GayleLaura xox says

    The sigh of relief when he found out he found out that they were only joking haha

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