What’s The Worst Tattoo You Have? | Tattoo Artists Answer

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25 top tattoo artists show us some of the worst tattoos that they have on their body, and share the stories behind them. What’s the worst tattoo you have?

  1. Nela Benešová says

    1:47 he is so cuteee

  2. Dasha M says

    Regarding Chris' bet tattoo, it legitimately could be worse. He could have gotten a penis tattoo or some shit, so that artist actually was merciful lol

  3. Salma Essam says

    i love how the worst tattoos they have are actually the ones they like the most

  4. Matthew Gotico says

    I love it when they say it's the worst tattoo but they still love it.
    real personalities loves the worst.

  5. MariaCraft says

    I wouldnt mind getting a tattoo if it wasnt for the fact i couldnt pull one off

  6. Nik Davis says

    They should all have to show us

  7. Arlo Steiner says

    If I have to hear "meaning" or "history" again I'll lose my mind just show the worst looking one and that's it

  8. klaasbernd says

    Anybody else just watches these because they are all incredibly hot?

  9. Samer Dafalla says


  10. Athena124 says

    I like the responses. It is how I feel too. I mean my “bad” tattoos have all been added to or covered but they all represent my life story and my life included some good and also some impulsive bad decisions 🙂

  11. Daniel Roode says

    Dude looks like the black Orlando Bloom with blue hair

  12. Lefty T says


  13. Heretic says

    Wow, Nikki Simpson has had a lot of work done. She really let that comment cut her deep.

  14. vince w says

    black guy says his face I was like wait wtf he has a face tattoo?

  15. Lorde Marsh says

    The NO RAGRETS tattoo on my chest is the best i got

  16. corn Sauce says

    Deanna smith is so hot

  17. corn Sauce says

    I’d like to just listen to Paul Booth tell stories of his crazy life

  18. MetalizedButt says

    3:54 did she say transsexual angel???

  19. Karl Harris says

    50 videos in and I’ve just realised I’m not subscribed… I am now.

  20. ChrispyNut says

    9:49 I was really scared that those tiny strings wouldn’t hold up that cleavage. Like if you thought that too

  21. benjamin mott says

    He said he swims with one sock lmao

  22. Chance1957 says

    All of them…

  23. KallinhoDotCom says

    Chris Showstopper is the reason I click on all of these Inked videos, tbh..

  24. J Bayawon says

    4:49 her name

  25. marni matikka says

    I usually laugh at these Inked pieces but, this one warmed my heart.

  26. Gurpreet Joshi says

    So they diss on other people's tattoos and say they are bad and shit and when it comes to them then oh this tattoo is not good but I love it it has a story and blah blah…..tattoo artists are really snobby.

  27. Mefelofo familinio says

    This channel is underrated AF.

  28. tripleddd1993 says

    Why is every comment the same

  29. sheisgroot says

    As soon as he said that his meaningful tattoo was a zodiac sign I just knew he was a Scorpio. Scorpios know Scorpios lmao.

  30. Yamy says

    I got a pew ad!!! Finally !!

  31. OwningTretards 2ndComing says

    I just covered up all my ugly tattoos with a blacksleeve, best desicion I have ever done.

  32. xXLegit916Xx says

    I swim with one sock

  33. Stupid Muffinz says

    I love that scorpio tattoo! It looks hot.

  34. MrSpadeofAce says

    I have a bad tattoo i got when i was 17…on my shoulder… i am dying to getting it lasered , i feel so ashamed of it.

  35. CaramelStraw ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says

    I clicked the video and then half a second I went “NIKKI SIMPSSSSOOOOOOOONNNNNN” and kinda screamed

    (Ink master reference)

  36. Youtumor says

    these people seem to be real shallow…

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