Geordie Shore’s Chloe C*ckblocks Sam For Life With Very Brave Tattoo | Just Tattoo Of Us 4

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Fresh from hosting Just Tattoo Of Us alongside BFF Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is this time bravely stepping into the tattoo chair alongside boyfriend Sam Gowland, but it seems it’s Sam who has something to worry about when it comes to the reveals. Hostile couple Brian and Victoria get seriously savage with their tattoo designs, but will it all end in tears?

Just Tattoo Of Us continues Mondays at 10pm on MTV UK!

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  1. MTV International says

    That's true love Sam!

  2. Sarah Caramel says

    the 25-times-cheater is a psychopath

  3. esther ogedengbe says

    Bryan looks like Bear from ex on the beach or is it just me

  4. lucy Lou says

    1:30 Joe: Brian how many times did you say you cheated on Victoria again
    Brian: I think it was once
    Joe: I think it was 25
    Brian: it was a mistake

  5. WhatWAsThatClip ! says

    I new Michael Jackson wasn’t dead

  6. Oisin Muldoon says


  7. ʟɪᴠ ᴋᴀᴛᴇ ʙ-ᴡ says

    ha unlucky you big celtic ballsack

  8. Noora Queen says

    Poor Victoria

  9. Noora Queen says

    It looks like Kylie

  10. Alfie Ross says

    That's true love Sam x

  11. Scott O'Brien says

    3:423:46 he cheated 25 times

  12. Bronx Moxie says

    Be happy that you're not like the other girl from the thing cuz she got heartbroken this guy told her will you marry me do you know what happened he wrote on the bottom not be happy that he didn't trick you like that guy you should be burning in Hell before with you both of those two guys animal more sorry for you but if you watch that video you price yourself but then I watch the other video for that poor girl that just got heartbroken I hope you find a new guy that loves you more than that guy and also I love you I'm sorry that that happened to you that guy's going to get paid by this little girl just telling you I'm 9 I can beat him anytime I want

  13. Sean Harper says

    Come on the hoops fuck rangers hahahahaha

  14. Augustus Imperium says

    The female host is the most annoying cunt I've ever seen or heard in me life.

  15. jesus joey essex is FIIIIIIT

  16. Schpuk Schpukeruss says

    Chloe the ugly reptilian bitch….

  17. Holly Lowe says

    How adorable is joey and Charlotte the way they try cheer that poor girl up because he went out of his way to humiliate her

  18. A_ s says

    Ok but Victoria is dumb as hell why stay with someone who cheats on you 25 times

  19. Stank Lemons says

    lol idk why she's crying…reclaim that tattoo cuz bitch you dont deserve being cheated on!

  20. Mike Fox says

    Scottish bloke's a twat!

  21. Kourtney FX says

    I love you Chloe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Peta Allen says

    What a cunt he was!

  23. Liam Ogden says


  24. Gee Williker says

    What self respecting straight man likes the most fruity sport ever?

  25. MultiHugobugo says

    Wow, he just marked himself as an "undateable" on national tv. I mean, how tf is he ever going to find someone who would want to go out with him after this?

  26. chickengirlmo says

    25, 24, (she misses 23), 22, 21, 20 (He almost misses it but instead says twenteeth)

  27. LittleGunBear says

    a big disgusting tattoo

  28. Aaron Sidwell says

    Send victoria to me 🙂 il take care of the pritty girl 🙂

  29. Gellybert Peñafiel says

    Sam seems avicii

  30. Latrell Perry Perry says

    Damn nigga you gon cheat then break up with her on TV dick move bro

  31. Silviu Serban says

    it s so hard to understand that almost sounds like a korean-german

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