Worlds Worst Tattoos! #91

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Rating:4.96|View Time:5:46Minutes|Likes:3428|Dislikes:28
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  1. Happibunni Art says

    The mugshot looks photoshopped it's not aligned

  2. Juanga Cofrec says

    Wht do you look like a grown supreme patty?

  3. Sydneytowngirl says

    Pretty sure the
    'One life, live the cunt '
    tatt is an Aussie,
    it's just the way some of us talk lol

  4. Aiden Rexroad says

    I hate that she missed a belt loop

  5. Miranda & Alice says

    It’s always people with facial tattoos that get arrested

  6. Mike L. says

    the "i regret this" tattoo was the best out of the bunch. it would cost a lot to cover up a tramp stamp, and most likely wouldn't look good. at least that way it's kinda funny and shows that they're no longer like that. with an affordable price to boot XD

  7. nightmare shadow says

    The batman tattoo at 4:09 kinda looks like it was supposes to be the sorting hat from harry potter but it didn't work so they were like "eh, just give me a shitty batman, I know it'll look really bad but yeah, just fuck up my body."

  8. EightySix says

    Bought a birthday ice cream cake for my then girlfriend at Dunkin Donuts… wanted them to put 'happy birthday' on it… guy behind the counter said that the "tech" wasn't in, so no one could do it. I asked him if he needed to be licensed to put icing on a cake… sheepishly, he said no… so I told him that I had faith in him… knew he could pull this off… and this might be the start of brand new skillset that he didn't know he had. Invigorated, he went ahead and scrawled out the words I wrote on a piece of paper. It was supposed to say Happy Birthday. It came out as Mappy Blinthdag. This guy was searching for the "qualified icer" to write happy birthday on a friggin' cake… but these tattoo artists will happily 'Mappy Blinthdag' your permanent tattoo all day, everyday without a second thought.

  9. kai varnals says

    Tb vin number? What is that

  10. weedweezy420 says

    4:50 she’s wearing her belt wrong..

  11. poptown_34 says

    I've been considering getting a bar code or a qr code tattoo that leads to information about me like name height and basic stuff like that

  12. Deedoof says

    FLuffee, have you thought of doing "World's Best Tattoos" and each episode could be a theme, like robots, ice cream, dogs, etc.?

  13. Tom Critter says

    If you want a tattoo but are short on cash… don't go with the cheapest option! Just wait till you got the money to go to the artist than specialises in what you want. Biggest mistake people make is thinking every tattoo artist is capable of any tattoo.

  14. Lexy B says

    OMG so funny

  15. Naptime says

    1.46 never mind the tattoo, WTF IS CRAWLING OUT OF HIS BELLYBUTTON

  16. *Elizabeth * says

    What I don't understand about the ones that are misspelled, don't you see it from the stencil BEFORE it's an actual tattoo??! Wow

  17. Alteric Jeske says

    0:23 Guy may as well have tattoo'd "I'm a massive douchebag" onto his forehead lol

  18. Jared Rogers says

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't tattoos considered non-vegan?

  19. Razorokc says

    Why do you talk like that? LOL

  20. MIKS 28 says

    Or when someone claps her cheeks from the back.they will be aware that she regrets the moments

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