The Embarrassing Gary Lineker Tattoo That Went Viral Online | Tattoo Fixers

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Joe tells the story of how his embarrassing Gary Lineker tattoo became famous online!
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  1. Firstname Lastname says

    Is this an authentic specimen of the 'British lad' species

  2. Megan Howell says

    At least the tattoo was in an alright font

  3. Polly Pocket says

    i’m bring serious here, but why couldn’t the “gary shags” lad just get it lasered off? It wasn’t large and only s black tattoo. it seems strange to get such a large piece around your nipple as a cover up? I get it if he planned on building up a chest piece and then going into a sleeve. Can someone please explain if there is a reason? Thanks!

  4. Wolf prints Official says

    Gary Lineker shags crisps X milk me

  5. roo says

    he’s like the walmart version of calum hood

  6. Jack says

    gary lineker shags crisps was better

  7. Leah McNeil says


  8. Charlie's World says

    Why do people give SO MUCH hate to the tattoo fixers. I think their work is amazing. Like sketch and Glen. I don't know what the F*** is wrong that tattoo is amazing

  9. I thought he tattoed his nipple black omg

  10. K S says

    you can still see 'shags crisps'. FAIL

  11. Fleur13 says

    I'm from Southampton too wooo

  12. Darth1225 says

    What song is playing in the backgound?

  13. emochromo says

    This guy and the 'milk me' bloke could be friends

  14. Sophie says

    His tatto was literally tiny but then its like massive wtf tattoo fixers

  15. Debra jo and Rory says

    I just wanna say it's pretty funny I got suspended for drop kicking a classmate because he remained the teacher to give weekend homework

  16. Leah Murray says


  17. Agusta Kitten says


  18. Craig Harkins says


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