Sahbabii Battled Depression Before Success,Tattoo Nightmares, And More!

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  1. Will WitDaLocs says

    Woah. The interrogation at the beginning was.. chilling

  2. Robert I. says

    It gives me hope to hear one of my favorite artist beat depression. Those suicidal thoughts are no joke

  3. Old Soul says

    Cringy mexicans

  4. karmacologist says

    Suicidal thoughts at such a young age! He better get help it might pop up again!

  5. Corey says

    7:20 this dude asking the questions couldnt be lamer

  6. IAK BATHE says

    Im in love with him.

  7. johnnycage435 says

    He should've left that tat alone he was good with current tatts but I still fuck with his music heavy

  8. FV Hellcat says

    Good dude wish more success

  9. Fabian Meredith says

    sahbabii bad a don offset

  10. Fabian Meredith says

    sahbabii tuff tuff tuff

  11. Fabian Meredith says

    sahbabii one of di badest


  13. Khaelyn says

    Sah I love you!!! When you feel sad find me in ur dms

  14. Kash Money Tre says

    Yeah, Most Definitely

  15. Daniel Gallagher says

    I'm a fan

  16. Caz says

    whose his brother ?

  17. JDOT 88 says

    Fo show most definitely is his favourite

  18. Number24AllDay says

    He satanic stay woke he don’t got no damn uncle

  19. staciikhalil says

    he so damn cute

  20. Uncle Delema says

    they givin this nigga a damn peep talk tf this ain’t no interview

  21. Latrice Browner says

    Sah babi wya im n dah @

  22. Keyway Beatz says

    what ever buddy is into, lol its not of God.. lotta doctrine of demons out there and false teachings so keep your eyes open people.


    Fukk it peform @ karma lounge

  24. Top Shotta says

    Glad to see a young Blackman prospering he seems very humble and got his cap on straight to.

  25. Sebastian says

    "dat turbalence"

  26. Richie says

    He’s amazing

  27. Codey b says

    seems like a good dude! Album is dope!

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