Surf Brah Tattoo Disaster – Tattoo Nightmares Returns Tuesday, June 23rd!

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Things turn south for a beach boy shortly after agreeing to get matching tattoos with his girlfriend.

Big Gus, Tommy and Jasmine are together again when Tattoo Nightmares returns on Tuesday, June 23rd at 11/10c after a new Ink Master!

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Docu-reality series “Tattoo Nightmares” takes a closer look at “tattastrophies” and the genius work of cover-up artists who fix them. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are among the most revered cover-up artists in the business, and they employ their years of experience to undo their client’s ill-conceived tats. Watch as they work their magic and turn “disasterpieces” into new works of art.

  1. Tammy Hallett says

    I love how we keep saying that skateboarding and surfing is his profession… Not many people make it big doing that in fact very few do and how old is he?!? Time to grow up dude and get a real job

  2. Deep Fried Rooster says

    Haha the logo is made out of paper and markers.

  3. Yvonne Huie says

    Did anyone see the women in the background smack the guy to the floor on 0.18

  4. Yvonne Huie says


  5. Holly Cahill says


  6. says

    Why do you have an axe though

  7. Lilttle Beauty says

    that shit is fake

  8. Jarrell Kliefoth says

    at 1:38 is the best part of this hole video for me

  9. ultraviol3t_dr3ams says

    This is so obviously fake!

  10. NewYorkKidd says

    so to get back at her boyfriend she fucks his roommate

    women have weird ideas when it comes to revenge

  11. TheBestMovieAlive says

    I would have just made them both disappear, but I am cartel.

  12. Coolbean94vevo says

    "I should have known! My name's Jenny!" That's now an inside joke between me and my cousin

  13. chiemi garcia says

    What 0 comments

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