'Dodge Challenger Sharpie Car' Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

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Armed with 1,000 permanent markers and just 6 hours to spare, tattoo artists on Team Peck and Team Nuñez face off in a detail challenge where they must draw detailed designs on Dodge Chargers.

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  1. Jr's ASMR says

    The video title says dodge challenger but it's a charger

  2. Matty Lapoint says

    Anyone else get frustrated that these are charges and not challengers like the title says???

  3. A J says

    My all time favorites have got to be Ryan and DJ

  4. Ryan Westerman says

    that’s not a challenger

  5. Kerchew says

    Not a challenger, it's a charger get it right they're not the same car

  6. Anthony Segura says

    Tittle is wrong

  7. James Beck says

    Those are chargers not challenger stupid

  8. Randy Layhey says

    What the fuck are all of these people on? The bee car was way fucking better!

  9. Lou Chicatelli says

    How many sharpies????????

  10. Vine Addict says

    And at 4:18

  11. Vine Addict says

    Yet again at 4:04… Thnx ryan, thnx

  12. Vine Addict says

    3:07 nice fan service ryan… Nice

  13. Vine Addict says

    I only watch these video just for ryan ashley

  14. Elaine Crowell says

    I personally like the be one better. The ram just seems so plain and unfinished

  15. Braiden Testet says

    4:09 you will thank me later

  16. Jasmin F says

    holy fuck kevin is hella cute

  17. Yeeyee says
  18. Future Artist says

    It should bee all THICK lined all THICK lined

  19. Andrew says

    shut up hoe

  20. Soccergoalie94 _ says

    4:07 thank me later

  21. ChizuKitetsu says

    Y'all I love InkMaster but like y'all gotta stop with the subtle, accepted misogyny and sexism in the show. It ain't cool and it ain't making you look like men. It's weak and wacky as shit.
    Why mix that shit in with amazing artistry and talent? Unnecessary child's play.
    Other than that, awesome show.

  22. Glitch cansing says

    When you had a cool idea but your friends thinks they're ideas are better

  23. I Should Know This says

    I don’t know why this seems like mistakes are more lasting than a tattoo, but it does!

  24. yakult yakult says

    Damn. Watching this makes me want to vandalize a car

  25. Nicole Fahey says

    Ryan is Gorgeous

  26. David Contreras says

    That’s a funny looking challenger

  27. Alex Berling says

    4:05 Thank me later! 😉

  28. off black says

    Bees are the best design , it’s a scat pack

  29. Fantastic Mike says

    They should done a actual Ram truck.

  30. Jason Horner says

    Bruh they on something that ain’t no challenger it a charger

  31. koi tuipulotu says

    Any one looked at the car @4:06? Haha

  32. Tyler Fray says

    But that’s a charger

  33. kyler sisemore says

    The fact that they call it a challenger enrages me. It’s a f*** charger.

  34. Jacob_S6RC EM0AL1TY says

    Umm who tf named this vid, those are chargers not challengers

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