Tattoo Regret & Tattoo Mistakes

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Choosing to get a tattoo can be a big decision. After all, while tattoos no longer need to be permanent, removing one can still be a time consuming and expensive process. No one likes to think they’ll be making a mistake with their tattoo, so consideration from the design to the artist must be carried out in full detail.

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  1. Brian notafan says

    gonna look pretty stupid in a casket some day

  2. mary Thomson says

    Have a good artist draw what you think you might want where you want it. Ink that will slowly wear off in a month or so. Told loads of friends best way to save yourself a lot of embarrassment anger teasing etc. One gal wanted two dolfins ( can't spell it) to meet nose to nose right at her bum crack, backs going over her hips would have ruined any low cut dresses at the back. She was happy I suggested it. Looked ok but not long term she is quite pretty would have been a mistake.

  3. Dulles 1975 says

    My sister and i have tattoos.. But she always ask me why i took the one that she saw.. we have both a sistertattoo.. That is my regrettattoo now..

  4. Just Smith says

    That full Star Wars back one was kind of cool

  5. 18661873 says

    The nicest tattoo is no tattoo.

  6. Samantha Justus says

    My husband to be and I are getting our name's tattooed on our ring fingers for our wedding. We have been together 8 years and I am finally ready. I had a terrible first marriage and awful divorce.

  7. Erik S says

    2:23 left side picture is a cover up tattoo. You can see flower patterns in the black area
    The right side looks pretty nice. If it is another coverup of the left one, it is a clear success.

  8. Classic Reddit Stories says

    I kind of think star face girl should have kept her stars

  9. Classic Reddit Stories says

    Seriously, someone tatooed a huge pile of turd on their back? Just why?

  10. Underdog says

    Shittiest editing and music award goes to …

  11. Raven Willow Grimm says

    I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry! Every time another pops up after one I’m like “OMG!!!” Then “OMFG!!!” Then “OMFGDJ!!!” They get worse, and worse, and worse!!! Whyyy?!?! Just why?!?! Tell me what influenced you to do that?!?! Please was it a Dare, Drugs, Alcohol, please explain?!?! I just don’t understand!!!! This hurts my brain nerves, brain cells, and mental state of mind!!!!! SOMEONE PRAY FOR THEM!!!!!!! They need prayers!!!!!!! And counseling!!!!!!! Please?! Just tell me if you’re pulling a Brittney Spears Midlife Crisis?!?! We’ll make sure to get you help!!!!! You’re serving a life sentence!!!!!!! I just can’t I… I… I just can’t I don’t want to believe the ignorance the world has come to…..

  12. Central Coast Climber says

    Let's be honest… the star wars tattoos were not that bad

  13. Sunny Scott says

    Most of these show up on every single bad tattoo video out there .

  14. PheonixXray says

    lots of gucci mane comments, he openly said he woke up with the ice cream cone tat after a night of being high on many drugs and he would have never gotten it sober

  15. caro jüng says

    The mixer heart tattoo was funny

  16. Richard Kuszel says

    The music is just as bad

  17. Rebecca Lopez says

    No tatoos and wearing shoes.That's how I roll. I wouldn't have married my husband if he had been tatooed.It would have been a deal breaker. Everyone we know has tatoos.I like them on other people.They go with their personalities.

  18. vincenzo carlucci says

    A star is born

  19. Balloon says

    3:10 not gonna lie, I actually like that one.
    I mean im never gonna get a tattoo like it, but its pretty funny

  20. OSU FAYGONINJA1980 says

    Spell checking is very important when getting words tattooed know how to spell the word correctly yourself and check with your artist first to make sure they spell it correctly 2 and always go to a professional remember good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good research the shop and the artist look at their portfolio to see their work ask questions and be smart about your choices

  21. MystiqueRisingSun says

    My husband and I both have several tattoos. Some of our kids want them when they're old enough so, I made them each a little paper:

    "10 Rules for Getting a Tattoo"
    1. Find something online that's similar to what you like and print it out OR draw it yourself/have dad draw it (3 of my girls are artists as well as my husband). The more meaningful it is TO YOU the better.
    2. Color it how you want it. (If you want color).
    3. Hang that printed/drawn page where you can see it EVERY day. (The back of their bedroom door, their bedroom ceiling, laminate it and hang it on the bathroom mirror….wherever!)
    4. If you can stand looking at it for AT LEAST 6 months (a year is better), you're not as likely to change your mind.
    5. Call the local shops to check on safety (autoclave, last spore count, new needles for every person, AND go in and check the place out for cleanliness) just to be sure they are following proper procedures.
    6. Ask if the shop has someone who specializes in the type of tattoo you want. (This is especially important if it's a unique format rather than just a line drawing and/or wording.)
    7. Always, always, ALWAYS double-check spelling…as well as specific placement! (They can be moved, though it may have to be re-sized.)
    8. DON'T skimp! A good tattoo isn't cheap and a cheap tattoo isn't good! (Save up if you have to. DON'T just go somewhere "because they're cheap." That WILL bite you on the ass every time!)
    9. LISTEN to your artist about aftercare!! ( Many tattoos have been ruined because people ignored their artist's advice.)
    10. TIP YOUR ARTIST!!!

    My 17 year old got her first tattoo for her birthday (parental permission is needed here). It was a drawing my husband did when she was around 7 or 8 years old and the SECOND she saw it, she said "That is going to be my first tattoo!" After 9 or 10 years? I don't think she'll have any regrets about getting it. Her and her father share that love of drawing, it's unique, and it's something special to her.

  22. i think the no regeret tattoo is a joke like sarcastic

  23. HealthyAndrew says

    1:03 those WHO not That. You’re no better than the tattoo artists who misspell words.

  24. Cableguy818 says


  25. Cableguy818 says


  26. Fixing The Story says

    Got my first tattoo this year and instantly regretted it. Gonna remove it next year.

  27. shn flzrd says

    poor tattoo choice meets bad artist. perfect

  28. september quest says

    hilarious..the "void" one was clever… and the "cats ass" was insane…this will make me think twice of getting a tattoo … always check the reputation and validity of the tattoo artist first.!!

  29. Gucci Wheelchair says

    "Wanna put my tender, heart in a blender … it spin around to a beautiful oblivion…rendevous then im through with you"

  30. mega lodon says

    I people who get tattoos have mental issues to start with people who put them on someone else are people with psychological issues it may be borderline homosexuals there's nothing trashier than a tattoo especially on a woman it just reach them Conjuring trailer trash lesbian convict it's just nasty and these trashy people will have it on them the rest of their life before you get the tattoo go ahead and spend the money on some mental health counseling or the smart thing to do would be to buy the T-shirt that way when a t-shirt gets old you can give it to Goodwill Goodwill won't take those nasty looking tattoos Hell in a few years you won't even want them and are you stupid asses showing your rebellious Behavior seek mental help before you get the tattoo

  31. Rufo Rufo says

    there should be an ordinance prohibiting people from getting tatoos when their hammered.

  32. video gameplay says

    its kind of funny when both the customer and tat artist cannot spell.
    and an incorrect spelling occurs as a finished tat.

  33. shabalabbadingdong says

    You gotta make a Restoration video. Best tattoo restorations or fixed, covering the shit or changing it to something good lmao

  34. andré rasemont says

    Sans discuter le plus bo tattoc'est celui ou on voit une cuvette de chiotte, il aurait été sympa de dessiner un cul fesant KK

  35. Georgia Yost says

    News flash! As soon as your mind matures you will regret

  36. Lightning Brigade says


  37. Alge Borusas says

    New motto for writers: No pen, no gain.

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