Tattoo Nightmares: Wrong Flag, Wrong Country

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If your tattoo artist is fresh out of prison, it’s probably not a great idea to let him give you a tattoo – especially if he doesn’t know what an Italian flag looks like.

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  1. Josh Begandy says

    Iranian Spaghetti?

  2. Commentary fly Csiki 2.0 says

    I want that I’m from Hungary

  3. Andrew Lee says

    White people…

  4. glenn mulligan says

    American programmes are shite

  5. Mattia Santangelo says

    …and that's why real italians are pissed with italo-americans.

  6. Shawn Fahoum says

    Well it’s your fault buddy……

  7. Maja says

    Lol he is Italian and doesn't know his own flag ?

  8. Ms. Chan says

    Poor dude

  9. Botond Somodji says

    It wad a hungaryan flag

  10. Salvatore Faes says

    How can you say Italians are your people if you don’t even know what the flag looks like….

  11. AceACE SoulGAMING says

    Google search

  12. Tristamii says

    Im sorry but what the fuck is wrong with the editors transitions?

  13. Blueycoolgaming says

    If he doesn't know the flag, Italy can't be that close to heart

  14. Sikai Wu says

    dumb ass

  15. The One Who Knocks says

    What the fuck is Dave so feminine looking? He gon get dicked if he ain't carfeul

  16. WiggersART says

    These reinactments are retarded. Who comes up with an idea to have reinactments in something like this?

  17. gbf 123 says


  18. thebrunssss says

    How are you going to represent your heritage and you dont even know your country's flag

  19. lonniebelle says

    he deserved it

  20. A.T. Swag 616 says

    It was totally his own fault

  21. __parker__ says

    wtf are those earrape transitions?

  22. Daniel Mejia says

    Joe from aps haha

  23. A Goat says

    What kind of loser asks for a tattoo to praise their heritage but doesn't even know the flag nor even it's colors?
    Wouldn't be suprised if this guy didn't even know it was the wrong flag until he posted, "Sick new ink", to his Facebook and someone made fun of him.

  24. Hannah currier says

    Why doesn't he just get an Itlanian flag as a cover up

  25. Lola Spregfeld says

    So dumb. The WRONG fricking flag serious wtf

  26. Jack and Jeff Hardy says

    lmao XD

  27. jenjenzpyro says

    "Yeah my friend's brother had just gotten out of prison…" [you see the brother with a knife stabbing things (???)]
    Guy with terrible tattoo, "yeah he seems nice!"
    LOL. These dramatizations are so bad, they are funny.

  28. Mick3y TV says

    Only an italian passing throw
    Keep scrolling

  29. Kion Tehranifard says

    lol I am Persian

  30. richard232323 says


  31. MSG685 says

    He actually did an ok job on the tattoo. Its not his fault that it was the wrong flag.

  32. Red Salamander says

    Why the heck would anyone want to get a tattoo? Oh yeah, prison and tattoos, makes sense to me!

  33. ♠Ripley♠ says

    So technically, even though it was the tattooists fault it was also the tattooee's fault for not getting the right drawing. Interesting.

  34. Djarra says

    Hang on is he getting it covered with Bin Laden?

  35. Nama film says

    funny it is supposed to be the sign in middle as well hahahaha 😀

  36. Chelsea Roach says

    I'm a big fan

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