Tattoo Nightmares: The Cursed Tattoo

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Tommy attempts to cover up a “cursed” tattoo that has ruined not one, but two relationships.

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  1. Kamaria Dorsey says

    The only exceptions to the "No names" tattoo rule are…
    1. Your Kids
    2.Parents(deceased or not)

  2. Roger Andersen says

    not the tatto man, sorry to brake it to you

  3. Bloody Kastiel says

    that aint no curse man its just your motherfuking stupid ass trying to marry so badly with 18 lol and some crazy ass girls who think their own shit about some tattoo like that. what about not saying that you want to marry them after the first 3 months maybe that is gonna be the curse not the tattoo. your crazy stupid man. no poor thing over there just pretty naive and unlucky with those girls

  4. S A says

    Stupid in my opinion

  5. Pandora Love says

    Who was that hot girl

  6. kompal g says

    technically its still gonna be there…just covered…

  7. PrincessAries86 says

    Well, I would say that isn't a curse by my best friend's ex got her name tattooed on him and they broke up. Creepier though is after they broke up he got the name tattooed again on him…. I think it was a good idea for that relationship to end.

  8. WatermelonRoyalty says

    poor thing

  9. celia yeung says

    It's only cursed if you believe it's cursed… But I still wouldn't take the chance…

  10. Álvaro Rodriguez says

    Cuanto durN?

  11. Hey Phonsi says

    This is true, everyone i know who got their partner's name tatted on them, ended up breaking up after a short time and regretting it. and i want to get my gf's name on my coochie so bad, but i am scared of the curse!

  12. Dayanis Santana says

    6 th

  13. shawn gu says


  14. Oh Sebi says


  15. Elaine Pascucci says

    3rd! <3

  16. TheFava1995 says

    You wanna have a cupcake for that?

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