Tattoo Owners Who Realised They Made A Mistake

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  1. sastro gantol says

    please speak in english

  2. Nikunj English Academy says

    Which language do you speak?

  3. かわいいkitty says

    You talk so fast, omg.

  4. Nickelodeon81 says

    Playback this video at 0.75 and it sounds OK.

  5. Stoshua says

    Blabala a a bbbba allaablbllla aalalblahahhablalaaha

  6. Dom inik says

    after setting the speed to 0.75 and the volume to 20% there is just the thing that her nose seems blocked what's bothering me. Can't finish watching it.

  7. Anurul Hiraq says

    Those tattoos are one part, I discovered another part of the mistake in her

  8. Eshika Essain says

    Baka foreigner lolol

  9. Mumin Cove says

    you are so funny! new sub!!

  10. Charisk _Forever says


    Advice:Im not a tsundere pro but im a google pro

  11. The Cookie says

    So, do you still think about having a tattoo?

  12. Maki Yoshikawa says


  13. Kylie B says

    Thumbnail didnt mess up. The tatt artist messed up, jerk

  14. sophie chan says

    I used to love Ellen but now she keeps on making "reacting" videos and honestly, it's getting kinda boring now because there's so much other stuff to do but now she just find images and explain them then fake laugh about them… what's the point of being a YouTuber then?

  15. kjelly says

    asian marina joyce

  16. Aiko Maliako says

    Ki mi no wa

  17. day dream says

    Why are you reading so fast? I cant understand you.

  18. JP ax says

    as a non native english speaker, I have to tell you that if you speak fast your accent is going to come up, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an accent, but is hard to undestand when you are a non native speaker.. and please, end the sentence and theeen laugh…. not during, that's makint it harder… not trying to be mean, just a simple comment…

  19. K-POP TRASH says

    Hewwo Guys!!!
    I am a filipino half Japanese and sorry If I say this….:

    I am a Filipino and Im also Half Japanese the first one was "Idiot Foreigner" Or Baka Gaijin
    I know what 8itch is in Japanese …8itch – Baka …..I am sorry…

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