Best tattoos in the world HD 2018 – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas EP.01

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Best tattoos in the world HD 2018 – Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas EP.01

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  1. DazzleInk Darren Naughton says

    Who’s the artist a 127?

  2. Ace Coop says

    1st one is fire

  3. N J says

    Third one was bomb.

  4. what's up stutas video says

    Pretty girl

  5. alext tfg says

    I wanna smack that ass so bad

  6. toink oink says

    They have money

  7. AceOfLawless /Darkiro says

    13:21 thank me later

  8. Magic Ghost says

    The very first one is so cool. I’d just change the red demons or whatever they are to hearts. Just me though.

  9. Khmer LOL says

    Best Tattoos

  10. Fluke Skywalker says

    Glad I got my first deep to the bone traditional ink from the SeaTramp in PDX circa 1989.

  11. Ew says

    *Ink masters Masters has left the chat*

  12. Whundh Umfuqh says

    I couldn't bare to watch the whole thing. It's horrible that today's artists are charging incredible prices for all that grey work that will be 50% to70% gone in months. That's where they're going to make their real money doing black-out arms and legs to hide the hideous remains.

  13. Coralline Jones says

    If tattoo artist can draw really good on people then does that mean they are good at drawing on a piece of paper

  14. Ok Squad says

    What the first one called

  15. The Philosophical Christian says

    Show us what they looked like a year later.

  16. juan Carrera says

    I like mine better than any of the ones that I’ve seen here.
    It’s summer just confusing and run then they just everything and are unrecognizable.

    I get compliments on my tattoos every day that I walk in town people always come up to me and my tattoos have a meeting there’s a whole story .

  17. thajak dizhdns says

    Whos the artist at 1:31

  18. Amgad abou rabia says

    everybody here to see her ass 😀

  19. Crazycraigy says

    Most of these are scratchy janked pieces of shit

  20. Walrus Productions says

    2:22 he must've had to come into the parlor for a week to get all of that done, there's no way they did that in one session

  21. Vani Jay says

    9:00 absolute perfection!

  22. Velozity Zero says

    Thanks for showing that one chicks ass for like 45 seconds

  23. Mr. Mooin says

    The best Tatoo in the world ist the Tatoo oft Memphis Depay

  24. M W says

    I truly don't want to see the worse

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