This Wild Life – Tattoo Stories

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Anthony Del Grosso and Kevin Jordan of This Wild Life share the stories behind their tattoos while Kevin gets a tattoo of the sunflower from the Petaluma cover from Jacob Doney at Envision Tattoo in Grand Terrace, CA.

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  1. Prince Gary Hale says

    A d I was born in 86 and my family is military and labeled me the special child that was a surprise now I know why cuz I'm godly b hale

  2. Prince Gary Hale says

    I'm hanging on tight to my life forever I should of never stole tons of bibles and got taught hell

  3. Dibbo 92 says

    Awesome tattoos

  4. McKinney productions says

    Badass tats!! Read to finish my right arm sleeve and start my left. Long way to go but cant wait to be finished!!

  5. Aaron Belesky says

    DON'T cover up Brand NEW!! haha.. the good ol days >.<

  6. Brad Foster says

    I really love the Petaluma album artwork. I think I'll eventually get that tattooed on me. Amazing album btw guys!

  7. SimplyAndre says

    wow, USA is da best)) Gotta be a dumb ass patriot, it's always awesome)) peace & love & burgers))

  8. Reynaldo Rodríguez says

    Mandalas are new age. No catholic mandatory.

  9. Frank Mrtin says

    What's this song on background?

  10. Bird Dog says

    Great video! I’m working on an arm sleeve that’s a tribute to my little girl that we lost to cancer. I’m very happy with it so far. I never had tattoos before, but they’re addictive. Lol

  11. Slatey says

    Sad my phone died at PA warped tour, really love what you guys are doing and maybe another time i can get a pic 🙂

  12. Cruz pineda says

    You guy's are so gnarly, much love and nothing but the best for you guys

  13. Erin Akins says

    Come back to the Fresno California area specifically closer to Yosemite but not too close since the #FergusonFire is still raging on!!

  14. mateo forni says

    all twl videos feel so personal and close! really special band im glad i find it like 4 years ago now. petaluma is so good guys i really love you both <3

  15. Zac Zaring says

    Love them all even the humor

  16. Cheyenne Nicole says

    pretty sure the shirt I'm wearing in my profile pic for youtube is the shirt Jacob designed. I remember I sent kevin a snapchat of the shirt over two years, telling him how much I loved it & he told me about Jacob & I have following him on instagram since

  17. Drew Demaree says

    Ruby's red slippers lol

  18. Hurley Sanur says

    you're doing good job guys , and good content also. cheers!

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