Ink Master Season 4, Episode 12: Cover Up Challenge

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Tested on all of the essential skills, this week the artists are tasked with having to do convention coverups.

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  1. Roseanne Harrelson says

    Rip scott

  2. Carlos prieto says

    Ink Master The Hunter & The Hunted
    (Season 12, Episode 4)
    Online streaming

  3. Chris Hansen says

    Trash ass show !!!!!!

  4. John Doe says

    Top of the game? You're dead, dude with a needle in your arm. Cockiness is the clearest indication a relapse is near…..

  5. sylenceexposed says

    Idk why ink master hasn’t done a whole season of nothing but coverups.. every tattoo is a coverup all season. So many people got messed up tats and this should would be a great outlet to get them covered up

  6. XAmerican GloryX says

    Why was the studio so dark back then?

  7. Sierra Barrett says

    Lmao that's why he didn't win. They're looking for someone who can do it all. You're not going anywhere if you can't do the challenge.

  8. The Skull says

    Punk ass move mo hawk

  9. Alexis Cou says

    wow whoever jim was should have been eliminated for that thing

  10. Ethan Prior says

    Oliver’s input is always “balls to the wall, bad ass”

  11. viceb7 says

    Halo was a little bitch

  12. h. ann says

    2:58 that lady tried to bleach her hair before the show and ended up completely destroying her hair. It'll fall out within a week.

  13. Jacquelyn Adkins says

    I know this is late but Halo, by saying outright that you do not do coverups (even if you're lying to get the advantage), you're basically just taking yourself out of the running for ink master. They're not looking for someone who can't or won't be versatile, they're looking for someone who doesn't make excuses and makes shit happen…

  14. Michael Myers says

    0:58 What a fucking joke!

  15. Gabby says

    someone tell me who got the girl with the fresh skin.

  16. malcolm applet says

    I'm with the Nate Beavers "people get the tattoo they deserve" attitude. The chick with the Vee-twin engine got what she deserved. The chick with the horseshoes got what she deserved. The chick with the tattoo the size of a quarter that Kyle fucked up and did a giant piece on got what she deserved.

  17. Jaida Blizard says

    that was a smart move, trying to get the best canvas, but honestly, if you want a title like ink Master, I feel like it shows weakness​

  18. احمد الزعيم says


  19. Natasha Luna says

    If you cant do cover ups then you shouldn't have been in the top four in the first place

  20. Mike MMA says

    This was my favorite season. Strong artists and great work. These 4 artists were in my opinion the best 4 to be on ink master

  21. Mike MMA says

    Rest In Peace Scott. Very amazing artist.

  22. Donald Trump says

    I feel bad for whoever got the dude with the Mohawk

  23. Cory Walker says

    That Mohawk dude is a lil bitch

  24. anyohoww says

    I'm surprised Roland's roadkill cat wasn't part of the cover up canvass!!!

  25. Matt Price says

    We know who went home lol

  26. walbert barbosa de lima says

    Mt foooodaaaaa

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