Tattoo Nightmares: Tattoo Parenting

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To teach their daughter a lesson, these parents paid a tattoo artist double to make her very first tattoo as painful and as ugly as possible. Now that’s some hardcore parenting. Tune in to Tattoo Nightmares airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

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  1. Luke Blackwell says

    Why didn't she tap out? If she was being forced than that's different. This seems a little fake.

  2. Subcomandante73 says

    BS story.

  3. Replay Camryn says


  4. Lisa Lilac says

    This is sooo fucked up. Bad on her parents and bad on the artist man.

  5. NIK KO says

    that is fucked up

  6. Emlah9081 says

    Omg that's disgusting

  7. Anime Jesus says

    Great parents she has Jesus. They're fuckwits I'm glad she doesn't trust them anymore.

  8. NWA Pimp says

    How much do they pay these cringe cut scene actors

  9. Sofia Barrera says

    Wtf. I'm so grateful. My mom payed my first tattoo for my 18 birthday and went with me to the studio. Obviously was the design I wanted.

  10. J C says

    Jesus. Might as well have beat her to the point that it scarred. Basically what these parents did except they paid someone else to do the harm for them. Disgusting. Should’ve involved child welfare. Both shop and parents would be in deep shit legally

  11. Char_freddy says

    I hope she never let's go of that because the parents are… Abusive

  12. Leesh Bomb says

    There dicks

  13. Metal In Your Head says

    I would never speak to my parents again if they did that.

  14. Vinylworks. c says

    alright girl,

  15. ThiccToast says


  16. Tater Puddin says

    This bitch was gonna get a wrinkly butterfly tatted on her lower back at 17…..kudos to those parents

  17. bacelona -gano says

    Wow if black parents are being given child abuse for shaving the top of there kids heads to make them look like a old man when they get bad grades.


  18. Lianawuzhere says

    I wouldve sued them so bs. Those arent loving and caring parents

  19. Clfx _303 says

    The only thing that sucks about this show is the acting. Tommy is a bad ass but this makes him seem like a joke

  20. joseph liao says

    ugh trash parents


    These flashbacks look like shitty porn intros…

  22. K A T-47 says

    It would be believable if we could seen the tattoo

  23. moon book says

    So fucked parents ever

  24. Isabela Jacob says

    just wanted to see the tattoo

  25. ItsZander says

    The worst sound it’ ma not synced up…

  26. Andy Loosli says

    What asshole parents.
    My Dad hates my tatts, but he'd never pull shit like that.
    My Mum thinks I have too many tatts, but she still got me one as gift and it was one that I wanted.

  27. Jem Jalique says

    that reeactment was cringey af

  28. Tyler E. says

    I’m glad I don’t have parents like that, my mom is tattooed as hell and she said when I’m 18 she would take point me to all of the good tattoo parlors.

  29. debatingaftershock says

    That’s kind of sad and dangerous.
    Lesson learned: Just tell your kids no and make them pay for it when an adult.

  30. Andrew Mckibben says

    Parents don't want to have her get a tattoo so they make sure it's ugly… That makes no sense

  31. LPSJinxx says

    This is actually really dangerous, what if she actually needed to go to the hospital for this ?

  32. Penguin Love says

    If my future kids wanted a tattoo at 17 I'll let them I didn't get my first tattoo till I was 21

  33. Jaz Bridges says

    Those parents are HORRIBLE wtf I would never talk too them again

  34. Breeona Steele says

    wtf i respect my dad but if he ever did that to i woukd make his life hell.. wtf i would never talk to them. ever again

  35. HeyThatsAlex GaNg says

    This is why I don't Believe in Parents

  36. HeyThatsAlex GaNg says

    I'm Going to get tattoos of a sleeve of a Dragon breathing fire on a zombie Head

  37. John Cavaliere says

    bruh I wanna see the tattoo

  38. Molly333 says

    Her parents are the most disgusting humans… AND HOW THE FUCK AN ARTIST COULD BE THAT REGARDED TO ACCEPT MONEY FOR DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I just can't believe.

  39. bfsgman says

    Her parents are awful people, but I don't get why she didn't just wait until she turned 18 to get a tattoo. Would it really have hurt to wait a year?

  40. Welp 爱 says

    If I was her I would have gotten a tattoo gun and tattooed a dick on her parents faces

  41. CaptinAnime #5 says

    Parents be like….JUST A PRANK BRO

  42. Tilda Ahlgren says

    Heck her eyebrows are so far apart

  43. Random_Person says

    What is wrong with her parents…they must be a bunch of psychos

  44. autumnISH says

    what the FUCK?!?

  45. DumandsONE says

    thats like child abuse tho, wtf. not only did they have the guy mark her body with something horrid, but they removed the aftercare instructions, and we like laughing at her through the ordeal. That's not funny, that's abuse. I hope she doesnt talk to them now

  46. kanna231 says

    her parents are fucking worst parents that ever lived in this planet the mother is taking pictures of her pain and laughing about it that's not even funny to begin with shit my brothers got tattoos by their friend.I hope that girl will disowned her parents and cut ties with them forever.

  47. samantha stroud says

    Oh hell fucking no

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