Just Tattoo Of Us: Most Shocking Reactions Ever

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We’ve rounded up all of the wildest reveals and most explosive Just Tattoo of Us reactions of ALL TIME for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Laura Sanchez says

    Man these reactions are so fake

  2. Laura Sanchez says

    0:20 Dude pretending to be shocked LMAOOO what the fuck did you think bro.

  3. *sips tea* says

    Ik like these people are a bit dramatic but they have to live with it and if they don’t like a tattoo we shouldn’t say there ungrateful because they have to live with it not us

  4. Jake H says

    what's the point of this show? myopic people screwing their own and each other's lives?

  5. Raphael Piatkowski says

    Everyone is a special peace of shit in this show.

  6. Zoanny says

    3:26 the tattoo was cute! wtf?

  7. Petrina Rewi says

    Fuk off bear

  8. Gantz akira says

    the gorilla one was pretty good one , nice style and colors . it was a normal tattoo.

  9. Chute Boxe74 says


  10. MagiclllMushroom says

    whats more shocking is how many beta males there are

  11. Sen 7 says

    What accent is this ?

  12. Manuela Üstün says

    hey ich mag eure
    show macht weiter so

  13. Nikki B says

    what the f*ck is this show

  14. Shamar Harris says

    Ryan and his boyfriend always fighting

  15. 2yah2-Joseph says

    so this a show in the UK !?!? sick. British people must apologies for this Bullshit

  16. Englanddd says

    0:41 had me dead lmao he caught the goggles pahaha

  17. いきのしろ says

    I hate her accent

  18. Syah Emir says

    I have some word to say that this show is not a good show. And the show is showing people private thing

  19. Katherine Devine says

    I’ve literally never seen a nice tattoo on this show

  20. tae bear *ೃ࿔ * says


  21. Paul F says

    What’s bad about the gorilla tattoo? I don’t get it..

  22. gravilo pricip says

    I thought only Americans had white-trash?

  23. Isaac Riggs says

    that Ryan guy is if a chihuahua and a human had a baby

  24. Latrell Perry Perry says

    Putting stds around my dick like you deserve to get your ass beat cause unless she’s in love with him he’s not getting any one night stands

  25. Flo Musil says

    White trash at its finest

  26. Puncho Villa says

    They're all terrible but IT'S WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR. Get used to it smh lol

  27. Matangi Lahi says

    Fuck I hate Bear so much!

  28. The Unsalted says

    She’s cheated on him but he’s the cock. Righhtttt.

  29. OZ Mozdzierz says

    Why you so upset when the bloody tattoo is on your arse?

  30. SarcastikB says

    He had "The Claps" "Hpv" and "syphilis" tattooed on his pelvic..that's the most Fcked up tattoo ive seen

  31. Savage Lamb says

    How come jack Odery isn’t in this with his friend

  32. mrs. min says

    they're all overreacting tbh skskxns the half bear half cheetah tattoo's cool ._.

  33. jonescrusher1 says

    Britain in 2018. Well done everybody.

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