Tattoo Nightmares: Tattoo Artist High on Drugs

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When a female bartender becomes smitten with a handsome tattoo artist, she goes to his shop for some colorful ink. She becomes very focused on how hot he is and overlooks the fact that he’s high on drugs. This is not the formula for the perfect tattoo.

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  1. Johnna Marcus says

    Did anyone else get scared When he started yelling it looked like his eyes would pop out of his head

  2. Inked Skin Deep says

    "You want color?!?!? Heres your color!!"

  3. Rachel Lauren says

    stupid ass girls

  4. Natalie Plays says

    That dumb fuck.

  5. hotdog water says

    You know she smoked with him and she was so fucked up she didn't care about the tattoo

  6. Ebizzill says

    y'all be doing the most.

  7. Cheryl Loke says

    These flashback scenes are so trashy I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  8. MedicinalDank OG says

    so shallow

  9. Local Baiter says

    One time my tattoo artist started taking dabs and i was like oh fuck

  10. Zombie3110bd says

    Wait, but… but, girlfriend? O… oooooooowh yeah
    Bisexual (forgot bout that)

  11. connor watson says


  12. Chloe Lee says

    shes a complete idiot

  13. Cameron Daligcon says

    getting messed up is not it

  14. Cameron Daligcon says

    What's the problem

  15. Red Salamander says

    Double stupid!!!!

  16. Kiley Smith says

    this is stupid

  17. buggld says

    Goddamn, this woman is straight up stupid.

  18. George Of Course says

    What she didn't smoke crack with him? I just assumed we were making every bad decision we could…

  19. BBJ TX says

    Dumb girl!

  20. dino says

    this shit is so fake lol

  21. Frostus says

    haha… bitch

  22. skunkie110 says

    Haha wow. The dramatizations on this show are just TOO much. The guy came out all oiled up haha wtf?

  23. Jon Haymaker says

    I'm surprised they didn't fuck him while he was drugged out.

  24. NitroTV says

    Definition of american girls right here …

  25. r1pster says

    Fucking whore

  26. SurfingTangents says

    LOL!!! – Bless! 🙂

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