Tattoo Nightmares: Caliente Cover Up

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After a besotted patron allows a hot drug addict artist to tattoo her arm, Jasmine covers the dark reminder of her past with a colorful Gypsy profile.

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  1. Kitty Norville says

    I think I can still see it in the hair

  2. Sexy Rose says

    ola yo nesesito arreglarme un tatoo que tengo cómo hago para contactarlos soy de Panamá

  3. samvicisa says

    I love what they do Tatoo Naightmares, but if something has me tied to your program on TV and YouTube is the swarthy face and not to mention the rest holding that face. You're very beautiful Jasmine. Those eyes are lovely. …!

  4. Tim WhiteRailProductions says

    Nice tattoo girl

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