Extreme Beauty Disasters: Think Before You Ink!

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It’s scrawl over! When finding another boyfriend called Jack isn’t an option.

Extreme Beauty Disasters – 8pm tonight, NEW to TLC.

  1. I love my Youtube sm says

    Tattoo artist looked like he was enjoying looking at her crotch a little to much lol

  2. Anna Cain says

    I would only get like my parents my siblings or my kids names tattoed

  3. Responsible Yogurt says

    Lol and then jack and her get back together.

  4. ngoan y says

    …I know it's is one's choice, but that was just dumb. She lucky. Isnt it logic? It's okay to have like ur name, it a family member name..but it is worse to have ur partner name cuz…anything can happen with that lol. But unless ur so sure ya be sticking together til death, than whatever. But really…lol

  5. sahlo folina says

    The only people id ever even consider when getting a tattoo of a name is close family

  6. Noname Noname says

    "Finding another boyfriend named Jack?"
    I'm dead.

  7. Reincarnated Sin says

    Smart people know that you should never get tattooed your lovers name… And…… And….omg that's dude is handsome

  8. I N S E C U R EE says

    Everyone thinks he’s cute but he isn’t… his personality is cute

  9. Jesse Msp says

    Wait does the mean that her ex boyfriend also got it near his crotch?

  10. Rae Eliza says


  11. Ama Wheeler says

    the tattoo artist is cuteeee

  12. Filipina Ghurl says

    Panty dropper tattoo artist

  13. Klara Kaye Søborg says

    where is this tattooshop

  14. lmao okay says

    and that, kids, is how I met your mother

  15. Lexie Alexanderr says

    Whoever gets there boyfriends name on them are so dumb

  16. Stephen Kimak says

    Ha. Really really smart

  17. Mint Candy says


  18. SuperEllyh says

    That is probably the worst tattoo idea I've ever seen

  19. Dara Grebennikova says

    i thought it said fuck

  20. Brianna Armstrong says


  21. Sophie says

    Oh no, tramp stamp much?

  22. Kate Halencak says

    I love matching tattoos when they’ve been together a long time. But neverrrrrrr names!!! At least if it’s something that stands on it’s own then only you know it’s connected to another person

  23. Wtf Des ;-; says

    Wow he is hot lol

  24. RandomBaepsae says

    Everyone is commenting about the tattoo artist

  25. DJR says

    Looks like she has some shaving irritation down there as well. Its a sensitive area, just leave it alone.

  26. Kelsey Lynn says

    Thats a god awful spot for a tattoo

  27. paris liau says

    ps OUCH

  28. paris liau says

    yeah but why would u do it there. T.H.E.R.E.

  29. Solja88 says

    How stupid

  30. Hope King says

    And this is why tattoos are stupid.

  31. l munoz says

    Getting the name of your SO is so cringy and dumb. Don't do it.

  32. Pandaman_luv says

    The tattoo artist was actually really nice

  33. Yoongi ___ says

    This would be REALLY awkward with him just kinda touch her tan line.

  34. Kate lyn Adamaris says

    The tatoo artist smile thou hahaha

  35. Barisha Kharchandy says

    The tattoo artist reminds me of Yanni.

  36. mi zh says

    so orlando bloom does tattoos now?

  37. Deepa K says

    Now everyone knows her ex is Jack!!

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