Tattoo Nightmares: Tatoonucleoisis

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Think it’s impossible to catch mono from a tattoo? Think again. This poor fellow’s tattoo was so terrible that it sent him to the hospital.

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  1. VideoHacker101 says

    He lucky he didn't catch HIV

  2. Lotus Liberty says

    I would have sued so fast…

  3. Patricia Star says

    Mono, the next big diet craze.

  4. deirdre kinsella says

    i feel awe full for him getting sick and this why tattoos are banned in new york

  5. Djarra says

    From the sounds of it he was lucky it was mono and not HIV

  6. Anthony Smith says

    I feel sorry for the guy for getting sick at that damn shady tattoo shop. That guy should have sued the male tattoo artist for getting him sick. Coughing and sneezing on him, GROSS!!!!!!

  7. LJS says

    These motherfuckers should be wearing masks as well, who the fuck wants em breathing all over your skin while they're doing your tatt?

  8. Naterv says

    Have had it*. If 90% of the population have it at this moment we would all be very ill.

  9. SamDontTrip says

    @mezipe64 It was Mono aka mononucleosis. Over 90% of of the population have it

  10. mezipe64 says

    What's the disease he was diagnosed with?

  11. john m says

    Nasty shit

  12. ConverseBoy64 says

    Oh my

  13. Oscar Arellano says


  14. sean boyd says

    Prove it… Bitch!

  15. Antoine Maja says


  16. mike drakster says

    I need to lose about 60 pounds

  17. Antoine Maja says


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