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Harry John is looking for a touching memorial tattoo for his sister who suffered from Huntington’s disease.
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  1. atlaslex says

    Beautiful story. Crap tattoo. Very sad.

  2. Nicholina Plange says

    This story touched me. So sad.

  3. Osnofla .’ says

    Hey it’s beautiful but I want to say hope u had a fun time with ur sister but some people got to go and just this tatto will make u happy

  4. V jem V says

    Omg I'm from hartlepool

  5. Effy Siale says

    Beautiful ocean blue eyes

  6. Taylor Steer says

    30 dislikes, wtf world.

  7. Andre' Reposa says

    Sad story, shitty tattoo

  8. Rebecca x says


  9. The story was so sad l cry the tattoo was beautiful

  10. christina grimwood says

    omg that is so sad that made me god bless

  11. MiniatureLabyrinth says

    I dont think he cares about the faces, it's so important in general for him that it's the most beautiful thing ever.

  12. Permet Oseku says

    Omg i am an older brother and this really got to me. Even tho we fight and mess around i love her unconditionally.

  13. Trena Fleming says

    Damn that Tatt looks like shit… he deserve a way better tattoo

  14. Jaydeelu 93 says

    They are terrible "artists"! They can't even copy from an image, the most work they should be getting is from pissed up tourists in maga wanting friendship tattoos. Skribble does nothing but steal other hard working artists designs yet they're given a platform like this while conning people into being tattooed by them.

  15. merge m8 says

    That’s a pretty shit tattoo for them, looks like a before tattoo

  16. Jack Darlow stearn says

    Tom kenning. Ok your opinion and possibly others to but does it detract from the reasons he was inked in the first place ? If he was happy then surely that is what matters, beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder.

  17. Steven Bjerre says

    26 dislikes without a soul

  18. amy abbott says

    Fucking hell that was emotional godbless him and his family x

  19. TheMainsource01 says

    What a piece of shit tattoo.

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