Emotional Symbolic Tattoo For Amputee Firefighter | Tattoo Fixers

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Simon wants a tattoo to symbolise his recovery from a nasty motorbike crash.
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  1. James N says

    Imaging they combined the designs and had the silhouette come up between the phoenix wings behind its back

  2. Ryan Graham says

    All the 17 people that disliked this are f**king c**ts

  3. Grace Cousin says

    I know its sad but…
    "I've got a spare leg… And a swim leg."

  4. James Bell says

    Why not show tha damn tattoo. #TimeWasted

  5. Callum Shaw050306 says

    As soon as I saw this I thought instantly. Motorbike on fire

  6. Aidan belshaw says

    This guy is a total legend, much respect!!

  7. Katy H says

    He looks like Robbie Williams

  8. Chris Thomson says

    The tattoo drawings where pretty shit. Also don't get why they are having him on the show as its fixers not suppose to be just for someone getting a tattoo

  9. Chris Thomson says

    I don't get why they have this girl on the show she's so irritating and pointless doesn't do anything

  10. Taehyung Snatched My Soul says

    The 12th comment

  11. The Enemy OF Death ._. says

    a pheonix would be cool born from the ashes a mythical bird

  12. Olivia :3 says

    When he was saying girlfriend at the time I was sad cuz I thought she left him but then he said she was his wife and now I’m happy

  13. Domonyc says

    if the phoenix had a fake leg that would of made it quality

  14. Greg Dundee says

    Ive got a pheonix tatt!!!!

  15. Charlzey1998 says

    He’s one of the Watch Commanders at my local station 🙂

  16. Youtube is You says

    Trust me if his wife/girlfiend would have left him, he wouldn't be so confident now. He has more to thank to his wife. Lol, I would have left is ass if we JUST started a relationship.

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