Tattoo Nightmares: Pentagram Problems

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This nice Christian girl just wanted to get a unique-looking star inked on her back. Now she’s got a pentagram. Unique-looking enough for you, young lady?

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  1. Daniel Tripp says

    The pentagram stands for the 5 elements……. tbh i get so mad when butthurt christains think just because there the biggest religion, pentagrams are bad. The pentagram was used in ancient times as a christian symbol for the five senses, or of the five wounds of christ.

  2. kaidanariko says

    Stupid uneducated wench.

  3. Animation Meme says

    I don't even think that's satanic. I think it's a protection…

  4. Hamster TMS says

    I am a Christian and I'm not that strict and serious, I Don't Mind Body Arts

  5. kanna231 says

    I feel sorry for her the tattoo person don't know what's a star looks like at all and the popular girl how the heck does she knows that she got a tattoo then snitch while smiling about her getting caught?

  6. Matylda Lochowska says

    Dark mark…..he he

  7. Ravongoddess montroy says

    WTF why do everyone always think pentagram DEVIL

  8. Shawn Mcgnnity says

    It's going to look great when your 80 lol

  9. Delta-8 says

    ill get a pentagram tatoo one day… ill do it on myself but this time with a knife so that there can ba a scar of pentagram

  10. sasunaru 666 says

    I'm confused:(

  11. Third_Eye_Blind says

    It's not even a satanic pentagram…

  12. Across Water - Fynn says

    You americans are so fcking dumb xD

  13. Dudu Dudu says

    it's not a pentagram but a pentacle…

  14. Ymir says

    Is it bad that now I want a Pentagram on my arm even though I'm probably gonna regret it later

  15. vansera7 says

    You motherfuckers need Jesus

  16. Ana Martinez says

    does she have a Nike fuelband

  17. deirdre kinsella says

    the pentagram isn't satanic and i wear one all the time

  18. Tanner Aitken says

    Bull shit a Christian that goes to a Christian school is gonna know what a fucking pentagram looks like

  19. Tyron johns No relation says

    Fuck Christian and catholic schools

  20. Mr. Meeseeks says

    I wish Christians werent so against pentacles- btw, it's pentacle, not pentagram, that's the 5 sided baseball tee. I had a christian lady freak at me in the grocery store because I was wearing my pentacle necklace.

    Pentacles are religious iconography, just like the cross or the star of david.

  21. Bailey C. says

    Depends on the position of the pentagram: If it's one point on top, then it's Pagan/Wiccan. Two points on top, it's Satanism. Either way, Christian schools are smothering and brainwashed. 

  22. KyRa-Ra says

    Im getting a pentagram tattood on my right shoulder for my 18th birthday!

  23. Susan Hernandez says

    Sus vídeos son fantásticos por lo tanto son tatoajes de pesadilla para los clientes se hacen tatoajes horripilantes pero les quedan al final extraídos yo me quedo mirando los

  24. emrys says

    it's it going to massively waste my time commenting that that A its a pentical and B not evil.. Yes ok good i will leave it at that but if you are interested comment back but i will not fight over it  

  25. jane belle says

    One of the points has to be longer than the others to be satanic

  26. Chelsea Bowling says

    A pentagram isn't satanic….its Wiccan. 

  27. yat heng shum nader says

    Wtf if u have a pentagram tattoo that doesn't you're a devil worshipper or whatever shit, I like pentagrams cause it looks nice to me

  28. Adam Godwin says

    Hail satan

  29. prhymel says

    Only "satanic" if it's inverted.

  30. Kye Talks says

    the pentagram is not a sign of the devil. With the point facing upwards it's Wiccan, used to represent the 5 elements (the fifth being spirit) then satanists inverted it later and pointed it down to go along with their hedonistic beliefs. (Body over spirit vs spirit over body). Freaking stupid people. .'

  31. Channel Hudson says


  32. Leopard Rose says

    She should've got a cross

  33. Brother oliktänkande says

    I know. people are highly ignorant, but Judaism and Islam in general are all fucking tool religions to make people feel safe and so on.

  34. Lily Norris says

    Jesus Kevin Paul pipe the hell down…

  35. Nushgala says

    Ugh…I remember watching this episode. Yes, because every other symbol that isn't a cross is satanist. Lol as a Wiccan, I laugh at the lack of knowledge some people have.

  36. CurtisAlfeld says

    Silly Christians not knowing the true meanings behind pentagram a and inverted crosses.

  37. HaiFluttershy says


  38. Stephanie A. Lowry says

    Tommy is an awesome tattoo artist. I was mad that he came in second place on the first season of "Ink Master".

  39. VV R. says

    "Pentagrams are the mark of the devil"? The 14th century just called and wants you to join the Inquisition. Congrats.

  40. Elliot Geist says

    Sadly, ignorance doesn't know what year it is 🙁 Once my friend, her mother and I walked into a chiropractic office and there was a poster with the five Chinese elements connected by a "pentagram"…and my friend's mom freaked out and said they were Satanists and chiropractic was evil….wtf? I guess it's a good thing I never wore my "satan star" to her house 🙂

  41. liiz Love says

    Omg they don't have the full episodes

  42. daniele anyday says

    what a dumb story

  43. Maximize-BoooNerfide says

    She's dumb in the first place for walking into a tattoo shop and having the dude improvising on her tat

  44. Bryce Andrew says

    I'm not a Satanist (I don't categorize myself under specific religions), so you don't need to apologize. I do, however use some of Satanism's teachings in my lifestyle. I used to do the same with Wicca until I realized that it's just a watered-down candy-coated version of Theistic Satanism.

  45. Buttered Toast says

    Yes, you are right. I never meant it to come off like that, but I see my mistake. I apologize.

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