Eastern Promises – Marked for Life

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Bonus DVD Feature: David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen on the story behind the notorious tattoos of the Russian Mafia.

  1. xrmweho says

    I was researching these tattoos years ago for my PhD. It’s good to see the video .

  2. sandro bochorsihvili says

    omg dude, vor v zakone is not russian mafia you dumb piece of shit. im georgian and all my life i was is the streets who the fuck made this shit??? i have contact with one of this vors who is my uncle and i know more than you will ever know.

  3. Kjleed13 says

    my friend has that same tattoo, "Where are you going, and why do you care"" but its in two different languages.

  4. Drongorius says

    It’s good movie but it’s not correctly portrayed the initiation to vor v zakone status . Three Vor v zakone need to just agree that you are one of them too and it’s done , in some cases two or one are enough if they are highly famous . That’s it , no naked in front of them and mystical stuff .

  5. Peter Petruzzi says

    Viggo spooking real Russians in a bar is badass lol

  6. 개쩌는 영화.

  7. Wally Wang says

    Viggo is such a great actor. I love his performance in this movie, it was so real and deep. You feel the sadness because of evil, but you also know it will get better. Russian culture amazes me.

  8. BrOOklynUP says

    The best wester movie about the Russian mob

  9. BENKYism says

    Is the Vor V Sarkone bigger than the Solntsevskaya Bratva?

  10. BenRangel says

    "You're not trusted unless you have these tattoos which can show who you are and what you are"
    Before watching the entire thing I was gonna call BS on this, cause they all just seem to have some saints, the Kremlin, stars and a cross.
    But now I understand that these all indicate certain types of crimes.

  11. Exception Handler says

    credit suisse

  12. Snaggle Toothed says

    Fantastic film.
    I wonder if Donald Trump has his star tattoos yet?

  13. Jeff Cockmann says

    damn i didn't realize they did that much research

  14. Britt Volkonskaya says

    With someone with a blue cobalt tattoo..I earned it

  15. ivan Clorley says

    Still a truly unique, amazing film

  16. Ludwig H says

    Lord Of The Rings tattoo in 5:16

  17. lampacafe says

    That tattoo worshiping is so dull and misunderstood. There is 0 correlation to what this man says and reality in the world of so called "Thieves in Law"

  18. Daniel - o książkach vlog says

    What is the title of the book about symbolism of those tattoo?

  19. The Roo says

    Steven Knight looks like a warehouse supervisor at Sainsbury's

  20. micky mcfarts says

    Great movie

  21. Jon says

    I've seen nothingtoxic and liveleak and all the worst videos there are. NOTHING prepared me for that dick flopping shower scene.

  22. Thunder Pancakes says

    The tattoos aren't that important anymore in the criminal world. The Vors are not necessarily ''the Russian Mafia''. The police are, the FSB, the Avoriets, businessmen, oligarchs, they all are. The traditional days of organized prison gangs are long gone.

  23. War Against Myself says

    Best actor

  24. GoFuck Yourself says

    sadly in 2018 morons get ink for accessory reasons and no real meaning. Great fucking movie tho.

  25. Kevin Morley says

    Viggo is a cool motherfucker! An amazing actor!

  26. Jeff Almanza says

    This movie sucked.

  27. andy hasi says

    i dont take the mark

  28. Dylan Germino says

    I cant believe he doesnt speak Russian. He speaks like 7 languages

  29. alex smith says

    I am not if a federal agent would tattoo himself that heavily just to go undercover. That's some dedication on his part. Not sure if it's realistic (sorry if I've ruined the plot twist for you)

  30. Lohan Cindy says

    In Russia tattoos get you.

  31. pd220783 says

    well done for taking the effort

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