Tattoo Nightmares: Do Not Let A Blind Person Tattoo You

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View Time: 2:12 Minutes

Tommy tries to help a young woman in the aftermath of a terrible tattoo. She let her ex-boyfriend, who just so happens to be blind, tattoo her.

It didn’t work out.

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  1. Kaianna Terry says

    Wasnt she on ink master????

  2. Emmett Battle says

    The person who wrote the reenactment AND the people in the comments dont know anything about blind people besides the fact that they cant see. Blind people can use the internet and act normal in social situations. Get educated.

  3. JohnGaddd says

    If hes blind how did he send an email?

  4. Hartley Cronin says

    If he’s blind, how can he write her an email???

  5. Sochy _ says

    This is painfully fake

  6. Hamburger Doge says

    Wait wait wait what person is that retarted to let a blind person tattoo them

  7. Garfield Priest says

    If he is blind then how does type a email

  8. kanna231 says

    Dude her ex-boyfriend is a total dickless fool sleeping with her best friend time to cut ties with her and him.

  9. Tristan Rayburn says

    How the fuck does a blind guy text

  10. Lilttle Beauty says

    do u even know what race I am? weak asf

  11. Alec Lazarev says

    How can he type that if he was blind

  12. Zombie3110bd says

    What a dumb cow

  13. arod55 says

    the dude was never seeing her he was blind

  14. Torey 777 says

    this sucks, show the damn tattoo!!!!

  15. Phyllis Lemons says

    Wow that must Hart

  16. deirdre kinsella says

    fake or not you would be better off letting a professional tattoo you

  17. Brooklyn Ritz says

    OMG Its Tommy Helm he was on ink master

  18. Vichael Ho says

    i wish the show focused on the tattoo more instead of those stupid clips

  19. R Valois says

    Fake ass story…

  20. Keshaire!!! says

    If he is blind, how can he use a dating website?

  21. EuropeanFirearms says

    Fake story, I personally know her and she made it up to get a free tattoo because the regular looked like shit. 

  22. Jackmerius Tacktheritrix says

    lol, Blind guy sent her an email? fake story 

  23. LiftOrGTFO says

    Wow a blind guy not only has a girlfriend, but he sleeps with her best friend…And I cant get a girlfriend. Something aint right here.

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