Ep #1 EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Crosby & Josh’s Baby Shop Kick Off | The Charlotte Show 2

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Rating: 4.79

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Eek! Things turn nasty for the cute couple during a baby shower shopping trip…

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  1. gravilo pricip says


  2. KRYS S.Philly says

    Here I agree with her if it weren't for her fans she would have no fame. An no show

  3. Amy Maslanka says

    He has a massive point….he never really gets a chance to speak or defend himself unless he yells over her…don't preach communication is important when you are the one causing the block.

  4. Courtney Boudreau says

    She is kinda annoying

  5. Tircia Lynch says

    I love you Charlotte

  6. Inner/Outer Beauty says

    “I’m always polite to my fans” lol well that’s a lie, you used to block them on social media if they posted photos of other Geordie shore cast members and Nathan, Marnie and Chloe said you and holly don’t even acknowledge fans asking for photos sometimes so stop the performance for the camera please.

  7. Reive says

    She is pretty

  8. Irene Laseca Ruiz says

    Que coño se ha hecho esta en la cara

  9. Trisha Ben says

    Her language is discussing common.

  10. reyrey91 says

    Charlotte, hija mia, que cojones te has hecho en la cara…

  11. Gina Lucia says

    I definitely think shes too pretty to have that trashy blonde hair! Takes her pretty features away!

  12. Nicole T. Gibbons says

    She looks bigger with her boobies now

  13. Ronnie says

    Poor girls destroyed her looks.

  14. Wendy Combe says

    She’s putting on the pounds fish face

  15. Ronja Kuijs says

    She looks so much skinnier in her instagram pictures. I am always a bit shocked. She's gorgeous either way, just think its a bit weird.

  16. Gareth Ward-stevens says

    Tf has she done to her face?

  17. grdn rs says

    ok but she should've let it go in the car she kept nagging on like just drop it

  18. grdn rs says

    why you leave it to the last minute to get a present. i know his sister didn't plan the baby shower at the last minute

  19. grdn rs says

    Josh doesn't like the fact he isn't as famous. Someone asked why he's so "good looking but with Charlotte" which imo Charlotte has a great body she's not completely bad looking she's decent – well it's cause Charlotte is more famous just like that other guy she had that trashy tattoo show with Bear something

  20. lambird treasure island says

    You have to be mentally stable and 100 percent ready to have a baby hard work

  21. Jayne Luke says

    Hate this crap TV

  22. Yasmine Carrera says

    I understand both sides of the argument but they could’ve handled it better

  23. merry bouch says

    Wasting time watching this they only looking for money every 2 weeks new fella some drama as usual more views and likes got her bank account full over that

  24. Nic says

    Too fake for me

  25. Shar I says

    What the fuck happened to her boobs

  26. Chloe Hardy says

    it’s so nice how she is with her friends I love you Charlotte xx

  27. Billy Golding says

    She is so ugly!

  28. Renee Fiore says

    They're so cute, I wish they last forever

  29. BtS says

    He’s a fucking child lol

  30. Sophie C says

    What did she ever do to her beautiful face

  31. K G says
  32. luke Saddington says

    She looks like a melting candle

  33. Charlie Derwent says

    Does anyone know What channel is this going to be on?

  34. Jorike says

    What did I miss is she pregnsnt

  35. kerry Begley says

    She is so fkin fake anythink for ratin grow up lips

  36. Carolee Johnson says

    I'm on his side.U r too hard to deal with.

  37. Pro Gaming says


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