Tattoo Nightmares: Dad Gets a Tramp Stamp

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Being Dad of the Year means doing whatever you can to please your little girl, even if that means getting a matching lower back tattoo…

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  1. Bailey Spelt Beefy says

    Why would you even want this kid in your life??

  2. Jamaal Miller says

    What a cunt

  3. Penguin Love says

    She could've be my daughter I would've slapped tf outta her and say bitch stfu!! You grown !!

  4. Alondra Silva says

    with a baby

  5. Wendy’s says

    I thought it said trump stamp

  6. Ella Bowden says

    doed daddy wanna take me off a STRIPPER POLE?

  7. Pisces Rain says

    You want me to be a stripper ? Lmfao !

  8. existential dread says

    Jesus, spoilt little bitch.

  9. DominosAndHearts says

    omg spoiled brat haha

  10. Chaserbeastofblades says

    you poor bastard TT_TT

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