Dodgy Tattoo Parlour – Foil Arms and Hog

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Dodgy Tattoo Parlour – Foil Arms and Hog

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Foil Arms and Hog: We’re an Irish sketch comedy group based out of Dublin Ireland. We upload a new video every Thursday and we also perform live shows or brand new material created just for stage. If you’d like to see us live check out our tour dates here:


  1. Alinor24 says

    Really cool earring cans 🙂

  2. Jooneefin says

    Honestly a ruler would be pretty useful

  3. LMSPetRescue says

    My dodgy tattoo parlor was given to me by myself with calligraphy ink and a sewing pin when I was 14 XD bad life choices but I love the tattoo now

  4. Lauren E says

    Amazing how you made the legit tattoos sound more ridiculous than getting a ruler tattooed onto you

  5. calosbabos says

    In AUS the bogans get the southern cross tattoo’d onto their neck

  6. sally kp says

    Imagine of dundrum piercings

  7. Amalie Halskov says

    funnyyy 🙂

  8. proffski says

    Bloody Magnificent Genius!

  9. Google User says

    I love the armpit hair. <3

  10. DaN YT says


  11. Vinsk _ says

    Monster energy=boomer juice

  12. Patrick Roe says

    You Guys Kill Me!…….love ya brothers!

  13. SirenOfTheAbyss says


  14. George Freeman says

    What do they say at the end of their videos?

  15. Rekah on the Run says

    Whenever people see my tattoos they say ‘oh I love tattoos I’m going to get-‘ and then say the worst tackiest things…. this video perfectly sums up my conversations with every person ever hahahah

  16. Denz Glodoviza says

    That Iron Maiden shirt though

  17. Kasper Ekstrom says

    The best comedians ever.

  18. Padraig says

    I bet ya Foil is secretly in the Priory in rehab. I knew fame would take its toll.

  19. Teutonician says

    I was doing literally Geography and on the Volcanoes section and on 1:01 it kinda startled me a bit XD.

  20. Hagelslagje says

    I thought the title said 'Doggy' and then I was confused for the entire video

  21. Lee Marie says

    I saw your addicted to tea skit on Facebook and had to come check out more on your YouTube channel. XD I shall be binge watching now.

  22. Breda Foyle says

    Love yees

  23. Níamh says

    Saw your MacDonald’s ad in the cinema the other day, I was almost crying laughing

  24. Grace Mac N' Cheese says

    Foil is dead

  25. ➊ 000 Subs with no videos says

    Aren't they all dodgy lol

  26. Ava Maria says

    Wow 200k! Well done guys

  27. eikonise says

    0:19 wow! Arms really does have long arms.

  28. Childish Platoon says

    Can I get a tattoo of a piercing?

  29. Pepper The Real MVP says

    I can just imagine what people would use the ruler one for

  30. Rhiannon C says

    No shows in Wales or SW England? Disappointing guys!

  31. Peter Smith says

    Just found about you guys. Keep up the good work!! Well funny sketches

  32. FireFox64000000 says

    What's up there foil you doing okay? I'm just asking cuz you're a little quiet.

  33. Girish Krishnan says

    Congratulations on 200K!

  34. Yusuf Güngör says

    Another great one mates!

  35. Azuan Ahmad says

    Thumb up for Foil's bicep & armpit.
    Thumb down for showing PH instead of Domino's.

  36. Nicholas Scott says

    Not what I thought it would be. Instead, I thought the joke would be about those dirty tattoo places, in dark alleys with transients floating about

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