Scotty T Is Shocked At Joel’s Savage Genital Warts Tattoo | Just Tattoo of Us S3 Ep 5

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Rating:4.73|View Time:3:54Minutes|Likes:9630|Dislikes:548
Just use protection! (and get new mates…)

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  1. Lisa Gray says

    Jealously comes in all forms! Dude needs new friends

  2. Amari Melia J says

    He could cover the warts with cool flowers or something…

  3. Fre'Drayna says

    not even funby

  4. foxykitty69 says

    Theses two guys took it like champs. The grandma one is funny and the second guy you can cover them up like stars or something the "warts" are small enough.

  5. SquishyV says

    Okay but the sexy granny is hilarious

  6. El Monacow says

    did she really just say “on the count of seven”

  7. Julian Cotton says

    I really hope you guys understand they signed up for this. You can’t just shit on a tattoo artist for doing something they were hired to do. They have to live with this too, guys. So quit nagging.

  8. XLX FWM says

    People act like tattoos can’t be covered.

  9. Bitter Sweet says

    Low-key jealous ass friends

  10. MorallyAwkward says

    The most realistic tattoo is of the worst thing ever lol.

  11. Duke Fleed says

    i thinkn i just lost the last 3 iq points i had

  12. GLITTER BLITZ says

    Oh hell nall. That ain't no friend.

  13. lil egg says

    well, guess that stops him from getting aids LMFAO.

  14. Kitten Lyric says

    I don't understand being mean….even if it was someone I didn't like, I would still tattoo something that they could wear for the rest of their life. Not poo and something showing off their fears or insecurities.

  15. Skylar Jaxx says

    He didn't get that mad cause that an easy cover up but still.

  16. Mchersc says

    Who is Scotty Fucking T?

  17. white crown says

    He can get something covered up over them like a sleeve tatoo but on his waist

  18. Saturn S says

    Is Scotty t saying he sleeps around a lot

  19. Caramel Yummy says

    Who the hell counts from 7!?

  20. MissAllyLove says


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