TATTOO NIGHTMARES crew united ink queens 2018

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Love visiting new york for the united ink tattoo expos!Come and watch as the original TATTOO NIGHTMARES crew tattoos and has fun at this amazing expo..! tattoos laughs and fishing of course..!

  1. yovanik calderon says

    I think big gus misses being chubby.. he mentions it in every video that he is chubby and everybody reminds him that he is not chubby anymore hahaha
    Keep up the good hustle big gus

  2. Angel Rodriguez says

    Sick tattoos bro.

  3. Toni Fisk says

    holy crap that 9 hour tattoo is awesome. HEY TOMMY AND JAZZIE, miss ya guys.

  4. Mike Stewart says

    Awesome expo it looked like. And yes, Jasmine was lookin fine asf!!!

  5. sandman commeth says

    Loved the 9+ hour tat. Jaz looked great and Tommy looked stoned. Nice fish as well.

  6. Sue Schultz says

    Awesome video

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