Chinese make-up leads to spectacular eyebrow fail – Daily Mail

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British Poppy Gasson was trying out an ‘eyebrow tattoo liquid stainer’ she ordered off the internet before disaster struck.

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Credit: Hotspot Media

  1. Metalhead Girl says

    I know it's not real, but I still keep laughing each time she wipes the stainer off.

  2. Cynicalisrealist says

    Where the fooks my eyebrow!

    So cute

  3. em_rose 05 says

    Who trusts wish tho

  4. Miscia Tarlit says

    Some people say its made in china . But I think they accidentally y put something on it. So yup.

  5. ΑΖΙΣ says


  6. ohohvalerie says

    Wish ?

  7. Dark Flora69 says

    Poor girl

  8. Sally Shively says

    Sorry but I can tell she shaved her eyebrow due to the shadow that is there.

  9. Flame Striker says

    holy fuck

  10. Liaaa says

    Don't trust shit that you get for one fucking dollar.

  11. G0ddess Kelly says

    2 different accents in the blink of an eye lol.
    But yeah, sorry, we don't believe you

  12. haha haha says


  13. Kate Brinfour says

    If it's those peel off eyebrows tints, I have one. I actually ordered 3 from wish and in the instructions, she's doing it wrong. You're supposed to pull lightly, not tug or rub hard or else you'll possibly rip the eyebrows. I have been using them for over 2 years and none of my eyebrows have been ripped off. I used Tint my Brows and it's a Korean product from wish. It's the best thing ever, even with my dark skin tone it shows well.

  14. Chantelle Avey says

    I started loosing hairs on my eyebrows after using it

  15. January Sun says

    Lmao! No words …

  16. sarah Louise says

    I mean .. ppl are not stupid .. if this was a prank on her personal page that’s fine maybe she’s trying to do something new and funny like the woman from buzzfeed that pretended that her skin was peeling off from a bad foundation but she was actually wearing a peel off mask as a baser underneath her foundation to prank her colleagues that was actually hilarious .. but if she did this to fool ppl and to get attention and publicity that’s just messed up

  17. D G says


  18. She put it too long on her eyebrows and that's what she ends up in

  19. johnno allens says

    Ahahha epic fail if thatd true

  20. Tell the Truth says

    Dont buy anything off wish. Takes months to get whatever you ordered and it's not exactly what you ordered

  21. Paris France says


  22. Shafiki Solah says


  23. Nazzila says

    fake. if that really happened i would scream. also she drew them on

  24. bts toes says

    i thought it was supposed to be peeled off? and she tried to drag wish but failed LOL i actually ordered some items on wish for eyebrows and they’re pretty good

  25. skyluvdbsk says

    This video tested our IQ….

  26. James says

    Duhhh it’s China

  27. Rachel O'Neil says

    Usually your suppose to peel it off… She's faking it

  28. chubby chu says

    as soon as i heard her accent i knew she didnt actually hv any eyebrows

  29. shahajahan khan says


  30. Yeetle Skeetles says

    This was fake.

  31. Tchun Lapis says

    Lol fake

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