Tattoo Nightmares: A Stamp from the Past

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Jasmine’s client has an old tramp stamp tattoo that always reminds him of what he used to be before his life-changing transformation. He’d prefer not to have a constant reminder of his past, so a cover-up is in order.

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  1. Akuma Chrisenth says

    I have only found one person who wasn't supportive in the comments… Alright! Faith in humanity is slowly returning! Everyone is so accepting! This world is getting a little better!

  2. istoleurpancakes says

    i am so fucking pissed!!!
    i can not believe that they didnt have a female actor play as his old self.
    fucking transphobic asses

  3. Amy Bee says

    Jesus, girl, when someone tells you they're trans, BE COOL. Don't make the world cringe like this.

  4. WarHorseFilly says

    Am I the only one thinking “drop your pants, this can’t be real” Seriously I would have never guessed he was ever a woman!

  5. Xeoflip says

    A Vagay vagay?

  6. jamil quinto says

    Vajayjay lol

  7. The Blue Cowboy Frogs says

    He is so sweet omgosh♥️

  8. Loreena B says

    i think the part of making him put on the dress was terrible. it's not realistic and it's transphobic. he's a very good looking dude, though! like damn, hmu.

  9. Alex Eavers says

    Making him dress as a woman must have make him feel so uncomfortable and dysphoric :/

  10. Minibull says

    guy falls over and has a girl tattoo on his back, first thing the rollerskating guy says is have you always been a man? that's f'ed up, not a drunk night or holiday mistake…

  11. juan luis duschak says

    Como se llama el chico, Alguien sabe

  12. lps angles says

    I for real thought she or he was a boy,that was a cool vid

  13. Kennedy Aalo says

    Why is the tattoo artist freaking out lol it's not a big deal

  14. Hercules 101 says


  15. bastianskaye says

    he's cute. 🙂

  16. Zombie3110bd says

    I would totally freekout if i found out the girl i been smashing is a dude
    Or… had

  17. Alicia S. says

    Holy fucking shit that guy was the LAST human I would EVER see as a girl…

  18. juan luis duschak says

    como se llama el? What's his name

  19. TheDeldiz says

    I never would have guessed he'd been a woman before. I'm glad everything worked out for him.

  20. ameliorated says

    They discuss this while tattooing?

  21. Victoria xoxo says

    "Nobody needs to know" proceeds to tell a television crew what happened

  22. Tanner Aitken says

    Still a girl no matter what they think

  23. Sylvie Zumwalt says

    He's pretty hot too, just sayin' 🙂

  24. Kelly Aguilar says

    If he was born a girl why does he have a beard

  25. Lucky Uke says

    It's not fake…just sayin 🙂

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