Charlotte Gets Revenge On Tattoo Artist John After Brutal Stephen Bear Inking | Just Tattoo Of Us 4

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There’s a HUGE twist in the Just Tattoo Of Us parlour this week as Charlotte Crosby gets a chance to actual tattoo someone for herself – will it be a roaring success or a total disaster? Her victim is tattoo artist John, who she’s looking to get revenge on after he tattooed THAT half bear, half cheater on her back in series one (from her ex Stephen Bear’s design, that is). Meanwhile, Charlotte and her Geordie Shore co-host Chloe Ferry deal with an awkward reveal when Harriet sees what ex-friends with benefits partner Jack has designed for her.

Just Tattoo Of Us continues Mondays at 10pm on MTV UK!

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  1. MTV International says

    Nice One!

  2. Noora Queen says

    What’s johns insta

  3. Noora Queen says

    He’s so handsome

  4. Madelief says

    A wuld clesh ta’oo’ah’is

  5. Harriet Shaw says

    Why the fuck has she got clingfilm wrapped around her head??

  6. David Manfield says

    4:17 she has a hairy minge

  7. rifia says

    Here face looks so full of botox

  8. inthepocket says

    The skank show, after the show they go back to the council housing estate and sign up for the dole.

  9. Jed Morris says

    Getting famous buy pissing and shiting everywhere what has happened to the world

  10. plantperson says

    Are the two blond girls related? Or is the plastic surgery just that similar?

  11. Sammi Waters says


  12. Anastia Lagarez says

    Leave it to the professionals. As if this show wasn't bad enough. Dragging tattoo and tattoo people through the mud. Now this. Enough is enough. Bloody idiotic scum bags.

  13. aussie jos says

    top bring stupid chloe on to host with you. When she is on I turn off cant stand how stupid she is and her voice . Losing interest in watching the show now

  14. edwinrivas18 says

    I always though the presenter was kinda cute; but what in holly hell did she do to herself. She ruined her body worse than some of these idiots getting shit tattoos. Plastic surgery smdh

  15. jaden love says

    the last one is covered though why is she so mad???????

  16. Cactusommega Ommega says

    taoo arist

  17. no thanks says

    her lip injections are actually so terrible

  18. Marianna Williams says

    The second one they zoomed in on her pubes and it was disgusting

  19. Sophia Verdara says

    10 inches?

  20. tigersruleyeah AJ :0 says

    i ship it

  21. Alpha Hale says

    "…on your INNER right thigh." *tattoos the outer part of his thigh* Okay, girl.

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